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The Best Advice for how to Choose the right Poe 3.7 builds

On the upcoming Synthesis League, PS4 Version, and FlashBack Event, on the occasion of POE 3.7, u4n Poe Currency Editor Team gave you the best Advice for how to find right Poe 3.7 builds, Help you Enjoy the new League.

First of all, we can find the Build you want in the POE Forum. Choose to play Ascendancy Class. Poe Forum is not very convenient, and you can or search "u4n Poe 3.7 Builds" on or youtube when New League start we will Create a Poe 3.7 builds feature. Our goal is to make it easier for players to find the Build they want.

How to judge whether the Build is good or not?

First, let's take a look at the builder's description of the guide. If there is a related youtube video, let's take a look at the video and make sure that the Build is what we want. If we are confident that we want to play this Build, let's take a look at other players' comments on this Build. If many players give a positive rating, we can choose to play this Build. Below we list the places to pay attention to when selecting a Build.

1. Build with 25+ plus pages of positive replies.

2. Build that says New Player Friendly or SSF (solo self-found) or League Starter. Also, a guide from the current League (3.7).

3. If it's a good one, the author will update it each League.

4. These guides are cheap Poe Currency, easy, you see results in Act 1 and hell you may even beat shaper with proper investment.

5. Build DPS can be ignored, they are 50 exalted orb minimum and are pretty much unattainable without making POE your job.

Great Advice for Choose Build

1. Great Advice we hold myself to now is 300 life per act, minimum 3500 combined life by maps. Resistances to 75% (by act3, trust me it is possible) and if you are ignoring the Chaos, then an amethyst flask for sure. Even when ignoring Chaos, we try to keep it at zero (so that's 60 chaos res with the -60 penalty) and we carry an amethyst flask.

2. You usually know if it's time to reroll when you get to maps. If everything sux and you can't find the failure point, it's not the game, and it's your character.

3. You also fell for the Noob trap, and Unique is the best, we must have them all! No, resistances and life are KING here, the damage is second. 2-3 Unique are plenty.

4. A well-made build will see when the damage is right and focus on life/survivability. We try to counter every damage node on the tree with a life node. Try not to click 10 Strength nodes in a row to get to one damage node, use the balance. If there are no other nodes around the one you want, it may not be there for you.

5. That is a game, an intense game. Then, when you understand it, it will be an enriching and fun journey! It took me nine months to learn how to walk, and we still fall A LOT! Watch youtube, gamer for life does 2-day recaps of league play, watch those, when they start making sense, you may only be ready to try your build.

6. Get an Instant recovery when on low life flask! Try to find one that only has the 25% penalty. They will save you more than anything in the game! We also started putting bleed immunity on a mana flask because you can get Flasks that have six uses before they are empty and everyone tries to bleed you out!

7. Flasks can be magic too, Read your orbs and do some work on your Flasks, and they can have 20% quality. Also, everything but jewelry can, even uniques. And flasks can have two bonus stats as well.