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PoE 3.5 New Impale effect add to Shattering Steel and Lancing Steel

In Poe 3.5 Alongside other balance improvements, Betrayal introduces ten new or revamped skills across three core character archetypes. These contain quite a few entirely new types of skills, like Brands and Banners. Path of Exile is releasing some new skills alongside the Betrayal League. Right here we'll share PoE 3.5 New Impale impact add to Shattering Steel and Lancing Steel to you.

Shattering Steel

This skill lets you swing your Sword or Axe, releasing a spray of three projectiles in an arc in front of you. These projectiles deal more damage the further they travel until they reach their maximum range. When they stop on an enemy or achieve maximum range, the projectiles burst, dealing their loss in an outer cone.
The projectiles are unleashed in rapid succession, making them capable of hitting close enemies with multiple missiles. Like Spectral Throw, the skill doesn't perform any melee attack and therefore can't be supported by Multistrike or melee-specific supports, but the talent works very well with Projectile modifying supports like Pierce, Multiple Projectiles and Vicious Projectiles. The maximum range can't be changed, so Faster Projectiles doesn't increase the skill's range, but Area of Effect modifiers increase the size of the burst.

Lancing Steel
Thrust forward with your Sword or Axe, firing a full projectile that Impales any enemies hit. While you do this, additional missiles are summoned as blades that float parallel with your attack, and these fly forward after a short delay. Like Shattering Steel, an enemy can be hit by multiple Lancing Steel projectiles, making the skill very useful if you're able to catch an enemy with numerous flying blades.
Where you aim controls the spread of the projectiles; Aiming up close will spread out the angle of the shells, though they do tilt slightly towards targets when created. Aiming at a range will cause all of the tanks to fire in parallel, letting you easily hit enemies at range with multiple shards.
The skill comes with four additional projectiles, so Greater Multiple Projectiles will increase the skill's spread at the cost of damage, while Pierce, Chain or Fork let the Skill clear out groups of enemies.


Shattering Steel has a chance to Impale, a new debuff that rewards repeat hits. Impaled enemies are covered in sharp metal spikes, making any hits taken more painful for the enemy. When you Impale an enemy, 10% of the unmitigated physical damage of the attack is stored, and the next five hits that enemy takes from any source will cause them also to make this stored damage.
You can have multiple Impale effects on an enemy, limited only by hits consuming the Impale. This gives Shattering Steel and Lancing Steel an even greater edge when they're able to hit a target multiple times.