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Poe 3.6 Synthesis Storm Burst and Betrayal League End

There are only a few days left till Poe reveal the complete particulars of our subsequent expansion. Currently, POE had like to take a moment to remind you regarding the finish with the Betrayal Supporter Packs and quite a few upcoming dates to become aware of. 

Betrayal will finish on Monday, March 4th at 1 pm (PST), so you have two weeks to finish your challenges. Our intentions for the future of Betrayal will probably be announced alongside the full facts of your 3.6.0 expansion (Tuesday, February 19th (PST). 

The 3.6.0 expansion will launch on the 8th of March (PST) on Computer, and around the 11th of March (PST) on Xbox One. Poe still never have a firm date for the PS4 release, but Poe is aiming for the middle of March. 

In the time of your announcement, PoE will release a new set of league supporter packs, and this means that the Betrayal Supporter Packs will leave the store forever! 


Skill Storm Burst Rework

Alongside the new league, a vast number of spells are being rebalanced. A couple of are also getting mechanical adjustments, by far the most intense modifications becoming to Storm Burst.

Although you channel Storm Burst, orbs of lightning are developed about your target. Though your channel, they jump towards your goal and release bursts of damage. By moving exactly where you target when you channel, you'll be able to direct them to enemies to make a swarm of instantaneous death. 

They will last for a couple of seconds, but if you quit channeling, then the orbs will detonate promptly inside a large region, dealing a portion of their remaining harm. This lets quick casts sell harm quickly in a sizeable area when extended actresses have higher all-around damage as extra orbs are designed and deal their damage more than their full duration. 

The skill is no longer projectile based, removing the requirement of extra projectiles supports. Rather the skill will concentrate on getting an area and duration skill. It now offers Physical damage with half converted to Lightning, to match with its new divine aesthetic. Mainly because of these adjustments the skill now benefits from some alterations to the Elemental passives near the Templar that now benefit spells that convert Physical to Fire or Lightning harm.

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