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Poe 3.7 add New Guard skill Steelskin

Poe Steelskin is one of three Guard skills, alongside Molten Shell and Immortal Contact. These skills are all Immediate and share a cooldown which will not expire although any of the skills are active. Both Molten Shell and Immortal Get in touch with have received significant alterations which give them a lot more active playstyle that rewards rapid reaction instances. Even so, they're nevertheless triggerable for those who choose to utilize them additional mindlessly.

Steelskin is usually a new defensive skill which can be obtainable pretty early in the game. It quickly hardens your skin, granting a damage barrier that absorbs 70% of all harm taken. It includes a maximum amount of damage that it may incorporate, which increases as the gem levels. It only lasts some seconds and consists of a quick cooldown, so you are going to need to have to time your use of your skill to shield you from dangerous enemy attacks.

Molten Shell now grants Armour while active and also a damage barrier that absorbs 75% of harm taken. The maximum harm that it may absorb is based on 20% of one's total Armour, generating it a compelling option for high Armour characters. It also lasts slightly longer than Steelskin. When Molten Shell absorbs its maximum damage or when the duration ends, all of the absorbed damage is dealt as reflected harm in an area about you, with a massive damage multiplier.

Immortal Contact is now immediate and grants significantly less Physical and Elemental damage taken for its duration. It can consume as much as five endurance charges, gaining enhanced length and extra significantly less Physical Harm Taken. At level 20, this could mitigate 35% of Physical harm has taken and 34% of Elemental damage taken. Consuming Endurance Charges adds an extra 10% much less Physical Damage taken for each charge consumed. In contrast to Molten Shell and Steelskin, the skill has no maximum harm absorbed, which tends to make it a much more productive answer to the deadliest of physical hits. On the other hand, it needs a lot more organizing and timing to make probably the most of its effect and no longer grants complete immunity to physical harm.

Overall, these changes give you the chance to survive dangerous attacks even though nevertheless standing your ground. They also reward active, skillful play. We are eager to view what type of character Poe 3.7 builds you are going to be producing in Path of Exile: Legion! If you are waiting for a lot more information to determine your Poe 3.7 build, you are going to be interested to know that on June five (US time), we program to reveal all of the new and changed skill gems at level 20 with 20% top quality.