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Poe 3.7 Gems Balance Changes

In Poe 3.7 Lots of low-level weapons have had their attack speeds enhanced to bring them closer for the quickest rate of their item class. This really should lessen the feeling of a Weapon feeling clunkier in comparison with a lower level equivalent, with far more from the speed coming in the weapon class and the skills it might use.

This support now provides a lower attack speed multiplier, just over half that of the existing support gem. The previous iteration provided far too large an attack speed multiplier for a rare Gem, causing problems with performance, effects, animations, and balance. The skill repeats now have a damage multiplier, dealing double damage on the third repeat.

You can now interrupt a multistrike attack between repeats, letting you avoid a dangerous boss ability or end an ongoing attack sequence when all enemies have already been dealt with. Overall, this makes Multistriking attacks much more responsive.

Melee Splash
As you can now hit multiple targets with a single weapon swing, Melee Splash can now create various splash effects each attack. The skill now has a more significant splash damage penalty, as it can much more effectively destroy groups of enemies if you position your attacks carefully.

The Fortify Support now provides a More Melee Damage stat, instead of an Increased Melee Physical Damage stat, though with a lower damage value. It should now be a much more attractive choice for primary melee attacks, rather than being relegated to secondary and travel skills, though it won't outclass the damage of the most potent pure damage supports for attacks.

New Support and Skill Gems
Poe is introducing some new support gems, two of which enhance or support slower attacks, while another support gem and aura skill further enhance the pure physical damage playstyle. Poe hope these changes will improve the strength of these two methods of building characters. Poe will be providing more details on the full list of support gems shortly.

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