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Poe 3.7 Melee Rebalance

In Poe 3.7 Overhauled Melee Combat, Amongst many other improvements, skill rebalances and reworks, Path of Exile has added the ability to cancel animations early, improved damage signaling, and changed the new monster balance. For more details, please see the "Melee Rebalance" section. here, suggest a build website - u4n Poe 3.7 Builds, this website friendly support mobile, help PS4, Xbox Player find Poe build smooth.

Path of Exile has made massive, sweeping (excuse the pun) changes to melee combat. Many of these are specific to skills, but some are broad and affect all aspects of melee combat (and conflict in general):
Hit Multiple Enemies: Every attack -- even Glacial Hammer -- can now hit multiple targets by default. Previously, an attack would look at goals in melee range in front of your character and choose one. Currently, it wants all of them that the attack physically passes through. Note that this is not "area of effect," "area damage" or "melee splash."

Animation Cancelling: You can now interrupt a skill with movement or movement skill. If you use a Skill, you can now suspend the animation before it finishes playing. If you do so before the point in the animation that damage is dealt you will not deal damage. There is a small window before this point where you will be 'locked into' the animation until the contact point, so you won't accidentally prevent yourself from dealing damage by being overzealous with your movement. You won't be able to use any other skills if you previously canceled an animation after the point it would deal damage until that animation would have finished playing, meaning you can't use animation canceling to speed up your rate of attack artificially. You could use a skill immediately after canceling a previous one if it didn't have a chance to deal damage (or produce a projectile etc...).

Directional Attacks: Many monsters now deal damage in a specific area in front of them when they attack, meaning you can avoid taking damage by sidestepping or moving away. Previously, monsters would deal with damage to their target, even if they had moved to the side. The area for most of these attacks is a 120-degree cone in front of them.

Attack Signalling: Path of Exile have improved a lot of enemy attack signaling, slowing down the initial windup but speeding up the strike, allowing you to respond with an appropriate movement or skill use. This is particularly the case for 'old' monsters.

Targeting: Path of Exile have made considerable improvements to how skills target enemies in groups which will result in a more natural, do-what-you-want-it-to experience. This is the culmination of many, many small user experience improvements.
Attack Range Signalling: Player attacks now accurately signal their damage range via skill effects and trails. Sources which increase your attack range or area of effect with an attack will reflect in the attack's visual impact.

Fluidity: Path of Exile have made a lot of changes to how animations work to allow changing targets while chaining attacks back-to-back to look and feel much less clunky. A dual-wielding character will alternate assaults in a way that feels much more natural than previously and will make your off-hand weapon choice more critical. Path of Exile Has also updated pathing, which should allow for much smoother movements with your character.

Accuracy: Accuracy is no longer capped to a 95% chance to hit. With enough Accuracy, an enemy will never be able to evade an attack, so you will no longer have lone surviving monster frustratingly taunting you (unless you didn't get enough Accuracy!).

Blocking Enemies: Enemies with shields can block attacks, but will only prevent a large portion of the incoming damage, rather than all of it. When an enemy blocks an attack, an effect will play.

Better Feedback: New effects and sounds allow you to more clearly identify who you have and have not hit with your attacks.

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