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Poe 3.7 new Kind of Poe Item Incubation Guide

Incubation will be the New Play system in Path of Exile. Particular opponents could drop incubation items that modify a piece of gear to assure the "drop" of a specific type of item soon after killing a wide variety of monsters - accordingly, and there is a progress bar on the item.

Instance: A blacksmith's incubator was applied to this scepter. It now counts monster kills and causes an exceptional random weapon to drop when a total of 2,000 monsters have been killed.

Incubation items are a new kind of Poe currency that modify a piece of gear with a kill counter, which when reached, will pop out a guaranteed item. It is possible to have various items incubating at after, necessarily as several as you may have items equipped.

Incubation Items Reward:
1. Ornate Incubator
Adds An Incubated Valuable Currency Items To an Equippable Items, Item Drops After Killing 1000x Monsters

2. Diviner's Incubator
Adds An Incubated Divination Card To an Equippable Items,Item Drops After Killing 500x Monsters

3. Harbinger's Incubator
Adds An Incubated Harbinger Items To an Equippable Items,Item Drops After Killing 5000x Monsters

Ngamahu's Flame Abyssal Axe

Can items be traded while they have Incubators on them?
Yes, Incubators can be traded in all cases.

Will a Divination Card Incubator drop a Divination Card based on what area you're in at the time?
When a Divination Card Incubator spawns the card, it does so ignoring whatever map you're in at the time. You get a random card.

Will incubation items stack? Will we have to micromanage Incubators?
Incubators are valuable rewards from Legion content. While it's certainly possible to spend your currency trading for a lot of them if that's what you desire, the average player won't be overflowing with Incubators. The number of kills required to trigger one generally takes a handful of maps (more for the valuable ones), so we don't expect micromanagement to be a problem. They do not stack on your items.

Will incubation items work with worms and other free monsters?
No, they only work with kills that grant experience/items.

Does Are Incubator kill shared with your nearby party members?
Yes. If you would gain experience from a kill, you'll get Incubator credit.

Will there be an indication of how much time is left on the monolith?
We plan to add a timer to make it clear how long is left before the effect ends.