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PoE The Atlas of Worlds Guides

The Atlas of Worlds is Poe end-game By placing them within a mapping device, maps can be consumed to make a randomized instance in which monsters could be fought. Like equipment, they are available in typical, magic, uncommon, and exclusive rarities and have their very own particular affixes. Affixes on maps can make them more challenging but also improve their potential rewards. Maps may also have top quality, which could be raised by using a Cartographer's Chisel. Map drops usually are not impacted by party size. system. The Atlas is often a series of linked maps that players can progress through after completing a quest for Zana, Master Cartographer.

The Atlas of Worlds Basics and Rules

The Atlas of Worlds is Path of Exile's end-game map system. The Atlas is a series of linked maps that players can progress through after a quest for Zana, Master Cartographer. The Atlas of Worlds is not a warehouse for storing maps, it is more Like a nautical map, it records the islands you have visited (each map that has been opened), the size of the island (Map level), and so on. Your atlas can be shared by different characters in the same league, not across the league.


Bonus and Drop Rate Guides

Path of Exile The Atlas of Worlds Maps Bonus and Drop Rate Guides
In Other Guides We have already mentioned the conditions for the award, so let's talk about the use of rewards. In the middle of The Atlas of Worlds, we can see a score of 126 (xxx/126). The number of rewards that the numerator is for you, the numerator affects the quality of the drop of your map. Here we focus on quality rather than quantity, which means that there is no difference in the map drop rate between 0/126 and 126/126, so where are the differences? Come to three pictures.


Shape Atlas Map and Fast Farming Currency

Path of Exile Shape Atlas estimates that many players are familiar. The two most direct advantages of Shape is that if there is a Map drop, it must be a good Map. The good Map here is defined by the player, but generally the terrain is simple (straight line, Playground), relatively many monsters, or a number of bosses, the indirect advantages are more obvious, because the efficiency of the Map is improved, the characters are upgraded quickly, not only the Map but also the Map Pool is only increasing, the most obvious is earning There are many Poe Currency, Six Sockets, etc., because the speed of playing a Map is very fast, and the total accumulated is very much. The professional players such as baked chicken and Cute dog can get More Thank 700 Chaos Orbs one day. However, many of my friends don't know the benefits of Shape Atlas, or the casual Shape Atlas doesn't work well, so I think it's necessary to mention it.


How To Use The Atlas of Worlds Sextant Blocking

Path of Exile Sextants are items you discover in maps. You will find 3 tiers of Sextants, denoted by colors, which coincide with the colors of maps. White (apprentice) may be the lowest tier, then yellow (journeyman), then red (master) When you have discovered one, you can use it by opening your Atlas, opening your inventory, suitable clicking the Sextant, then clicking on the map you would like to apply it to.