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Red Dead Redemption 2 Bounty missions and Poster Area Tips

There are 6 bounty missions in Wilderness Dart 2, and players can complete these tasks to get money or achieve 100% completion. Today, I will share a list of the full range of the rewards for the "Wild Dart 2". Let's take a look. There are 6 bounty missions in this game.

You can see these posters in the main town sheriff's office. You need to find 5 of them to achieve 100% completion. This guide will introduce all the bounty task posters. s position. Posters for bounty missions are in the following towns: Valentine, Rhodes, Saint Denis, Strawberry, Blackwater, Tumbleweed.

When you enter these towns after completing a certain mainline story, the markers will appear automatically on the map. To start the task, you need to interact with the poster on the wall in the sheriff's office. After the poster is obtained, the bounty task will begin. When the mission is opened, a white area will be displayed on the map for the bounty target to hide. When you find them in this area, you can use the lasso to help them and put them on the horse back, and bring them back to the sheriff's office.

Earn a bonus. It is worth mentioning that you can free your hands and use "auto-driving" to find the target's hiding place and grab them back.



Saint Denis