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TRAHA pinch Face experience video disclosure is already the limit of mobile games

Recently, some players have uploaded NEXON's mobile game new work on youtube, claiming to create a video of the female character of TRAHA with beautiful game screen and gameplay.

It is not difficult to see through the video that the delicateness of the TRAHA's pinch system is not lost to the pinch-face system of the end-game, and even better. In TRHA, players can enter the pinch page after selecting the gender and basic body type. Among them, the optional large categories are divided into five categories: presets (convenient for troublesome players), face, hairstyle, body, and sound.

However, if you see this and feel that there is not much to choose from, it is a big mistake. In addition to selecting a preset character (select a preset pattern + headwear), if you select a face and then go to the next level option, you will find that not only face, eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, face The six parts of the skin are set separately. After clicking on the eyes, you will find that there are also 4 different setting options. Then, one of the options, there are also about 3 next level options!

On April 18th, the "TRAHA" in Korea was launched. As a mobile game with high-quality game screens and huge content, the APP size reached 4.5GB.