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How to get the most needed items for Hunter - Mature Blue Dragon Sinew?

In the previous article, we introduced Arcane Crystal, which is very valuable in the game. Although the probability of occurrence is low, there are many people collecting it, so it is difficult to collect. Today's article sharing is what Hunter needs.
Every Hunter wants to get an exclusive epic weapon, Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers, but in the course of this mission, you need an indispensable item - Mature Blue Dragon Sinew.
Maybe the epic task is difficult, or we are not Hunter, but it has nothing to do with collecting Mature Blue Dragon Sinew, everyone can collect it and then sell it to the Hunter needed, and Hunter is very fast upgraded. Occupation, compared to other professions, is not lacking WOW Classic Gold. So, collecting Mature Blue Dragon Sinew is a great way to make money in the game.

Mature Blue Dragon Sinew related monster information


Item 3: Mature Blue Dragon Sinew

Hunter's epic quiver needs items that can be dropped by various elite blue dragons or dragons. BOSS Azuregos on the map of Azshara is very likely to drop, and the rest of the dragons have a low drop rate. Finally, Hunter can get the epic quiver, 15% attack speed and 18 grids, it should be the 60th strongest quiver.


Adult blue dragon's tendon-related monster distribution
Because Mature Blue Dragon Sinew doesn't have to accept a task to drop, so you can kill the monster directly, whether you are a Hunter or not, you can pick it up and sell it in AH.
Below is the location map of the relevant dragons.


World Boss
Health: 916,025
Damage: 4,929 - 5,104
Drop probability: 19.59%
1.Frost Burn - The attack interval is extended by 400%.
2.Frost Breath - Deals 657 to 844 Frost damage to the target, the attack interval is increased by 100% and the movement speed is reduced by 25%.
3.Chill - Deals 744 to 957 Frost damage to nearby enemies, increasing the attack interval by 300% and the movement speed by 40%. The attack interval is extended by 300% and the movement speed is reduced by 40%.
4.Manastorm - Summons a mana storm that lasts 10 sec.

Coordinates:<53,80> <55,88> <58,84> <59,78>
Description: Blue Dragon Azuregos is a wild BOSS wandering in Azshara, wandering in the wilderness of Azshara. It is an important symbol of the ability of the team. Being able to kill the Blue Dragon team means entering the Molten Core!



Rating: 60 (Elite)
Health: 36,737
Injury: 878 - 959
Drop probability: 0.12%



Cobalt Wyrmkin

Rating: 55 - 56 (Elite)
Health: 7,654 - 8,230
Injury: 703 - 836
Armor: 3,327
Drop probability: 0.06%-0.07%
1.Strike - Inflicts additional melee damage to enemies.
2.Hamstring - Deals weapon damage to enemies plus 1 additional damage and reduces its movement speed by 60% for 10s.

Coordinates:<54,54> <54,51> <55,50> <57,52> <59,53>


Cobalt Scalebane

Rating: 56 - 57 (Elite)
Health: 8,066 - 8,418
Injury: 703 - 836
Armor: 4,207
Drop probability: 0.09%-0.1%
1.Shield Slam - Deals 40 damage to enemies and stuns them for 2 sec.
2.Disarm - Makes the enemy unable to use the weapon to fight for 6 seconds.

Coordinates:<52,55> <54,53> <54,49> <56,50> <60,53>


Cobalt Mageweaver

Rating: 57 - 58 (Elite)
Health: 5,842 - 6,078
Mana value: 5,340 - 5,461
Injury: 703 - 836
Armor: 1,742
Drop probability: 0.02%-0.07%
1.Frost Armor - Allows an ally to be surrounded by frost for 1 minute. The heavy frost increases the armor by 12, reducing the movement speed of enemies hitting the protector with melee weapons by 30% and increasing their attack interval by 25%. Armor increased by 12.
Reduce the speed and attack speed of melee attackers.
2.Frostbolt - Deals Frost damage to enemies and reduces their movement speed for 4 sec.

Coordinates:<53,54> <54,49> <57,53> <57,49> <58,54>