WOW Classic Quick Upgrade Tips

WOW Classic is coming soon, after a long wait, finally have a chance to relive the original feeling of WOW. The biggest difference between WOW Classic and the current version of WOW is that it is difficult to level up, and it is difficult to accumulate gold coins. In the 60th era, many players can only focus on one number. Many occupations even need to apply for a small Mage or Hunter to support the size.

The most indispensable material in WOW Classic - Past6

Black Lotus is a weather vane for the server economy. If it crashes, the server economy will collapse! It can be said that the person who masters the black lotus is the one who dominates the fate of the server! Because in WOW Classic, many BOSS require players to take a lot of medicine to kill, and Flask of the Titans, Flask of Supreme Power, etc. all need a Black Lotus.

The most indispensable material in WOW Classic - Past5

Why is Dreamfoil so valuable? Because the magical profession needs a lot of magic potions when entering the Dungeons. Dreamfoil is a must for making magic potions. It is a fast-consuming item, and the market demand is very large. Whenever the Dungeons CD is updated, there will be a lot of magic professional players buying in the auction house.

The most indispensable material in WOW Classic - Past4

In the last article, we introduced Gromsblood, which has a low output and many uses, so the price is relatively expensive. Today U4N will introduce another material, Mountain Silversage. It is also the material that must be used to make the potion, but it is not as rare as Gromsblood. Although it can be obtained by killing monsters, the probability of falling is very low, far from the convenience of collecting in the wild, and its distribution is also very wide. There are many resources on many maps, but there are many maps and some maps. U4N collects and organizes some relevant data, listing the main uses of Mountain Silversage and how to get it.

The most indispensable material in WOW Classic - Past3

Today we are going to introduce Gromsblood, which is much more valuable than Grave Moss, Gromsblood, because many pharmacies need it, such as: Elixir of Brute Force, Flask of the Titans, Elixir of Giants, and more importantly, it can't Mass production is harder to obtain than Grave Moss, so its price is much higher than Grave Moss.

The most indispensable material in WOW Classic - Past2

When the 60th-level Blackwing Lair is open, Nefarian's Shadow Flame skill inflicts 3938 to 5063 Fire damage to enemies in a cone in front of the caster. Everyone needs to use Shadow Protection Potion to deal with it. Grave Moss is one of the essential ingredients for making potions. Although the syrup is a must in the Blackwing Lair, the price of Grave Moss is not too high, because it is not difficult for Rogue to collect. The specific collection method is described below.

The most indispensable material in WOW Classic - Past1 Elemental Earth

Blizzard announced that WOW Classic is about to meet the players. Before you enter the Dungeons with the team, be prepared and the pharmacy is an essential item. Although there are many different materials for making medicines, not all materials have value, and this series of articles will introduce some very valuable materials, including some related information.

WOW Classic Factors Affecting Hunter Pet Core Data

Enjoy the hot news of WOW. Hello everyone, here is the WoW hot news shared by U4N. Recently, everyone's attention has been placed on the upcoming WOW Classic, I believe this is what the old players have been looking forward to.

WoW Classic's most valuable pearls get Guides

The Golden Pearl is a material in the WoW Classic that is related to some equipment manufacturing. In the 1960s, Golden Pearl Golden Pearl was more expensive because Enchanter and Tailor would definitely use it. It's no exaggeration to say that if you master Golden Pearl, it means you have a way to get WoW Classic Gold.

WoW Classic's most popular backpack complete Guides

WoW Classic has a lot of valuable items, but there are one item that everyone can't refuse - Mooncloth Bag, which is the most commonly used and most demanding backpack. The Mooncloth Bag is a 16-pack, the drawings are easy to obtain, and the entire production process is not complicated. It is the easiest way for Tailoring to earn WoW Classic Gold.

How to get the most needed items for Hunter - Mature Blue Dragon Sinew?

Maybe the epic task is difficult, or we are not Hunter, but it has nothing to do with collecting Mature Blue Dragon Sinew, everyone can collect it and then sell it to the Hunter needed, and Hunter is very fast upgraded. Occupation, compared to other professions, is not lacking WOW Classic Gold. So, collecting Mature Blue Dragon Sinew is a great way to make money in the game.

Long-term stable access to WOW Classic Gold guide - Past 2

Everyone knows that Gold in WOW Classic is very difficult to obtain. It takes a lot of time and effort to earn a Gold, but today's article will teach you how to get enough WOW Classic Gold for a long time, so that you can easily Pleasant game.
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