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Prepare for WOW Classic, how to easily get "Thousands of Golden Horses"?

With Blizzard putting WOW Classic on the agenda, the early 60-level version was the largest version of WOW, and it is the most played and variable version to date.
From the Burning Crusade to the Wrath of the Lich King, to the Cataclysm, the Pandaren, the Draenor, and the Legion, each version spans only a maximum of ten levels. The number of new Dungeons and maps is limited to a controlled range.
In the WOW Classic, there are vast Kalimdor continents and war-torn EasternKingdoms, there are countless times that have been touched and difficult to reproduce.

I don't know how many people still remember that there is a vocabulary in WOW called "Thousands of Golden Horses". Here is a explanation for those friends who entered the game late. Players start from level 1 and will be exposed to the skills of riding for the first time. It takes 100 gold coins to get a primary ride and the movement speed is increased by 60%. In the era when the task was to run for half an hour, this was a qualitative leap! At that time, there were very few gold coins, so for most players, there are very few people who can learn to ride at level 40. Some people even barely get 100 gold coins when they reach 50+. When the player level reaches 60, you can get expert-level riding. The total cost of the coin is close to 1000G, which is astronomical. So at that time, players who can ride on the 100% increase in the speed of the ride are recognized as the rich, and everyone has racked their brains to make money. Although making money is really very difficult, some players are also very smart, and have found a set of efficient ways to make money. Today we will share with you how to save money through Dungeons.

Depending on the game's settings, players can reset Dungeons up to 5 times in an hour. In other words, you can brush the same Dungeons 5 times. Of course, the Dungeons, which are similar in level, are difficult to act alone, and the French remote monster is the first killer of the lone ranger, but due to the special nature of the 60-level version, players can kill the BOSS of the middle and high-end Dungeons alone or Advanced Dungeons' mobs get a higher return.


Razorfen Down

Regional level: 37 - 46
Requires level: 25
Location: The Barrens


Because the 20-30 Dungeons drop equipment is very cheap, 40+ can barely exchange some WOW Classic Golds, so this Dungeons is a paradise for Rogue. A skilled Rogue, all the bosses of Razorfen Down, including opening the box and collecting Grave Moss, a very important material for making medicines, takes only about 5-6 minutes.
Brush 5 times an hour, rest for half an hour, park your account outside Dungeons, wait for the backpack to be full and then go back to the town to clean up the backpack. A cycle can earn 30-40 gold coins, which is very stable. In other words, you can earn a thousand dollars in money in about 1 week, which is very efficient. Of course, this premise is also very simple, you only need to practice the drug collection skills to 120 or so proficiency.



Regional level: 40 - 50 Requires level: 30
Location: Desolace


This Dungeons is at 45-50, so the blue equipment that BOSS drops is very valuable, especially Princess Theradras, the ugliest woman known as WOW, friends who don't know can go and watch :).
She will drop 2 pieces of blue equipment with stability. The value of the two weapons is 7-8 gold coins, which is very valuable. But this Dungeons has a limitation. Only Hunter can kill a 50-level elite alone, so it is very happy to have a Hunter character at level 60. You only need a little operation to buy in 3-4 days. It’s a quick speed to your own thousand horses.


Dire Maul

Regional level: 56 - 60
Requires level: 45
Location: Feralas


This Dungeons is still a paradise for Hunter. Almost all melee BOSS can perform perfect individual killing (non-BUG) through terrain, and the process of bypassing mobs is all done by WOW first magical technique "Feign Death".
This also adds a legendary color to Hunter's career. This is not to preach Hunter. In the vast history of WOW, only 60 is the most brilliant period of Hunter. In addition, Mage can also enter Dire Maul alone.
But I can only play mobs at the door. Because I will drop 16 backpacks, the efficiency is not bad.



Regional level: 60
Requires level: 60
Location: StranglethornVale


There were many places where Mage killed monsters in the 1960s, from Duskwood to StranglethornVale, to farms in Western Plaguelands and Chillwind Point, including Mauradon. However, they all have several common problems. They don't have too many equipments to be upgraded. They are only suitable for upgrades. Second, in the server camp with a large number of people, the PVP in the wild will make the process very unsatisfactory. So until the opening of Zul'Gurub, Mage really found a treasure that can make money. There is a video on the Internet, the ultimate challenge of ice law, no equipment, even the shirts are off, and even brushed 9 batches of crocodiles, this operation is nothing to say, gold coins are also rolling in, have to admit, in any version of Mage indeed More powerful.