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The most indispensable material in WOW Classic - Past1 Elemental Earth

Blizzard announced that WOW Classic is about to meet with the players. The Scarlet Monastery, Stratholme, Ahn'Qiraj, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, which we fought in those years, are back. Before you enter the Dungeons with the team, be prepared and the pharmacy is an essential item. In the age of lack of material, the drugs are usually not cheap, and the materials used to make the drugs are also not cheap. Although there are many different materials for making medicines, not all materials have value, and this series of articles will introduce some very valuable materials, including some related information. Next, let's first share the versatile Elemental Earth.

NO.1 Why is Elemental Earth selected?
To remember this sentence, only Elemental Earth can preserve value in all element series materials. why? After the WOW Classic was opened, Ahn'Qiraj was the top team of Dungeons, and everyone needed a lot of Greater Nature Protection Potion when everyone was not well equipped. Elemental Earth is one of the main materials used by Alchemist to make potions. At the beginning of each version, the mixture and potion are the most demanding, and they are props that can directly improve DPS. Elemental Earth can be used not only to make potions, but also as a must-have for Blacksmith's professional production of Elemental Sharpening Stone. The Engineer profession can use it to make the Field Repair Bot 74A. When the Dungeons fought, the damage to the equipment was very serious. At the 60th level, there are no mounts that can be repaired in the field, so the Field Repair Bot 74A is also a must for Dungeons, which can quickly repair the equipment without going back to the city.

NO.2 Elemental Earth detailed use introduction
Greater Nature Protection Potion

Use: Absorbs 1950 to 3251 Nature damage for 1 hour.
1. Elemental Earth Elemental Earth (1)
2. Dream Leaf Dreamfoil (1)
3. Crystal bottle Crystal Vial (1)
Recipe: Greater Nature Protection Potion

Elemental Sharpening Stone

Use: Increases the critical strike chance of a melee weapon by 2% for 30 minutes.
1. Elemental Earth Elemental Earth (2)
2. Heavy Stone Dense Stone (3)
Plans: Elemental Sharpening Stone

Field Repair Bot 74A

Condition: 300 points of engineering required
Use: Expand into a Repair Bot, you can repair damaged equipment, and pick up items you don't want. After 10 minutes, the drive of the repair robot will be paralyzed.
1. Elemental Earth Elemental Earth (2)
2. Elemental Flame Elemental Fire (1)
3. Fuses Fused Wiring (1)
4. Hard Leather Rugged Leather (4)
5. Thorium Bar (12)
Schematic: Field Repair Bot 74A

NO.3 How to get Elemental Earth?
As long as you kill elemental creatures, there is a certain probability of dropping Elemental Earth. Although elemental creatures are distributed across many maps, different maps have different probability of dropping Elemental Earth. After data collection, several elemental bio-related information that have the highest probability of dropping Elemental Earth are listed below.


Rock Elemental

Rating: 39 - 40
Health: 1,751 - 1,817
Damage: 85 - 99
Armor: 2,824
Drop probability: 11.06%
Map: Badlands


Rumbling Exile

Rating: 38 - 39
Health: 1,607 - 1,717
Injury: 83 - 96
Armor: 2,624
Drop probability: 11.1%
Skill: Ground Tremor - Unconscious of nearby enemies, unable to move or attack for 2 sec.
Map: Arathi Highlands



Rating: 58 (elite)
Health: 14,317
Injury: 552 - 658
Armor: 3,379
Drop probability: 77.14%
1.Boulder - Throws stones at enemies, dealing physical damage.
2.Ground Tremor - Unseen nearby enemies, unable to move or attack for 2 seconds.
3.Trample - Deals normal weapon damage to nearby enemies plus 8 additional damage.
Map: Azshara



Rating: 60 (elite)
Health: 61,040
Damage: 355 - 389
Armor: 3,791
Drop probability: 100%
Skill: Immolate - Burns enemies and deals an additional Fire damage every 3s for 21s.
Map: Molten Core