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The most indispensable material in WOW Classic - Past5

There are many valuable materials in WOW Classic, and Dreamfoil is one of them.
Why is Dreamfoil so valuable? Because the magical profession needs a lot of magic potions when entering the Dungeons. Dreamfoil is a must for making magic potions. It is a fast-consuming item, and the market demand is very large. Whenever the Dungeons CD is updated, there will be a lot of magic professional players buying in the auction house.

NO.1 Dreamfoil main use
Dreamfoil is a must-have for many potions and blends. It can not only make potions that restore magic and life, but also make resistant potions such as: Greater Shadow Protection Potion, Greater Nature Protection Potion, Greater Frost Protection Potion, Greater Fire Protection Potion and Greater Arcane Protection Potion, in Dungeons such as Ahn'Qiraj, Blackwing Lair, resistant potions are indispensable. Due to the high number of resistant syrups, U4N will be introduced in detail in a new article.

Greater Dreamless Sleep Potion

Use: Allows the drinker to enter a dreamless sleep for 12 seconds. During this time, the drinker can return 2100 health and 2100 mana.
2.Golden Sansam(1)
3.Crystal Vial(1)
Recipe: Greater Dreamless Sleep
This formula can be purchased at the merchant Rin'wosho the Trader, but the reputation of the Zandalari tribe is friendly.
Rin'wosho the Trader location:
Stranglethorn Vale

Mageblood Potion

Use: Regenerates 12 mana every 5 seconds for 1 hour.
3.Crystal Vial(1)
Recipe: Mageblood Potion
This formula can be purchased at the merchant Rin'wosho the Trader, but the reputation of the Zandalari tribe is revered.
Rin'wosho the Trader location:
Stranglethorn Vale

Flask of Supreme Power

Use: Increases damage dealt by spells and spells by up to 150 for 2 hours. You can only maintain the effect of a mixture at the same time, and this effect will continue to exist after death.
2.Mountain Silversage(10)
3.Black Lotus(1)
4.Crystal Vial(1)
Recipe: Flask of Supreme Power
The only way to get this formula is to kill the monster and drop it. To get it, you must defeat Schloomance's Ras Frostwhisper.

Ras Frostwhisper
Rating: 61 - 62 (elite)
Health: 33,133 - 33,657
Mana value: 15,408
Damage: 399 - 432
Armor: 4,299
Drop probability: 4%

Major Mana Potion

Use: Restore 1350 to 2251 mana.
3.Crystal Vial(1)
Recipe: Major Mana Potion
The formula can be purchased at the merchant Magnus Frostwake
Magnus Frostwake location:
Western Plaguelands

NO.2 Dreamfoil acquisition method
According to statistics, Dreamfoil can be obtained on 247 monsters, but the probability of falling is very low, the maximum probability is only 16.67%, and the minimum probability is as low as 0.02%, so the probability is not enough to meet the needs of the players. The best way to get more Dreamfoil in a shorter period of time is to collect it in the field. According to the maps found, Dreamfoil is generally distributed in 7 maps. Of the seven maps, only Silithus has fewer Dreamfoil resources. The distribution of Dreamfoil resources in the other six maps will be listed below.

NO.2-1 Azshara

NO.2-2 Eastern Plaguelands

NO.2-3 Felwood

NO.2-4 Un'Goro Crater

NO.2-5 Western Plaguelands

NO.2-6 Burning Steppes