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Why can't Paladin in WOW Classic be a tank?

In the Paladin talent of WOW Classic, the most commonly used upgrade is the Retribution talent. The Raid is commonly used by Holy talent, but the Protection talent is rarely used, because the Protection talent is much different in all aspects compared with Warrior.

Next U4N will share in several ways, why the team is Warrior as a tank instead of Paladin.

NO.1 Defect In Talent
Redoubt needs to be attacked by the other side to have a certain probability to increase the size of the file. In actual combat, the effect is not good, and it can't reduce the damage stably. In the face of a high damage skill of Boss, if the block probability is not triggered. Then you can only wait to die.

Secondly, there is no Taunt, lack of strong hate-making skills. Warrior's Sunder Armor and Heroic Strike are a good hate-making skill. Feral Combat-Druid uses Maul to create a lot of hatred, simple and rude, and works well.

But the skills of Protection are very poor compared to them. Once other players have attracted the hatred of Boss, there is no way to recover.

NO.2 Design Flaw
The most deadly flaw in design is the lack of MP. We know that Warrior and Druid all rely on anger to release their skills. As long as there is output or damage, there will be constant anger and continuous release of skills without interruption.

And Paladin's MP makes people have no way, because there is no increase in defense and MP equipment at the same time, it is even more difficult for the selection of difficult equipment.

Paladin uses Seal of Fury to increase the amount of hatred against monsters, but only lasts for 30 seconds. After Judgement + Seal of Fury, the amount of hatred caused to the target is increased, and there is no other way.

Even when there is no MP in the process of attack, you can only switch the Seal of Wisdom and slowly restore the MP. In addition, Warrior can take the gun to attract monsters, and Paladin can only run up to attract the face.

There is also a very embarrassing situation, that is, there is no life-saving skills, use Divine Shield it's not a good idea. When you turn it on, Boss will attack the more vulnerable teammates behind you. When you encounter some skills that require damage reduction, only the perfect tank like Protection-Warrior can do it.

NO.3 Equipment Defects
In terms of equipment, it is a question of doubt. Since the Paladin is equipped with a Protection, why is the Protection equipment all suitable for Holy?

Although facing the fate of wearing parts, even if it is a piece, Druid tanks have more equipment than Protection. How do you define T?

The main function of T is to ensure the hate value of the monster, to ensure that he is not dead at the critical time, the two points in the WOW Classic's Protection performance is very poor, so in the large Raid
It is impossible to be a tank in China.

In fact, from all aspects, when Blizzard was at level 60, there was no consideration for Paladin's Protection talent to play a particularly large role in PVE. Wait until level 70 is the time for the rise of Protection.