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WOW Classic Holy-Paladin PVE Talent Guide

The biggest attraction of WOW Classic is the diversity of game methods. Everyone can find a way to suit them. Paladin is no exception.

The previous article introduced the talent used in the Paladin upgrade process. U4N recommended Retribution to everyone, but this does not mean that Paladin can only be upgraded using Retribution. In addition, Paladin can also use Holy talent.

The most important role of Holy talent is in Raid, whether it is a pre-upgrade or a full-level participation in union activities, the most popular is the Holy.

The Holy talent shared here is completely for the team, regardless of field upgrades and PVP.

Holy talent program

Holy plan
In this sub-project, all the targets are added to improve the treatment and restore MP.

1.Divine Intellect (5/5)
Compared to Divine Strength, Divine Intellect is more helpful to Holy and can directly improve your treatment.

2.Spiritual Focus(5/5)
You will not interrupt your treatment when you are attacked in a wide range of battles. Normally, the HP of all people will drop at this time, which is the time when treatment is most needed.

3.Healing Light(3/3)
Improve your treatment.

4.Improved Lay on Hands(2/2)
This skill is generally not used. It is only used when the tank is in critical condition. After use, Paladin will consume all MPs, but it also improves the armor of the tank.

5.Illumination(5/5),Improved Blessing of Wisdom(2/2)
Both of these skills are designed to speed up the recovery of MP. In battle, Paladin's MP is never enough.

6.Divine Favor (1/1), Lasting Judgement (3/3)
Divine Favor can save your MP consumption with Illumination, and Lasting Judgement can boost your treatment.

7.Holy Power (5/5)
Holy Power with Illumination can also speed up MP recovery.

Protection plan
This sub-item is to remove the negative effects of the tank, improve the attributes of the teammates and improve the teammates and their armor.

1.Improved Devotion Aura(5/5),Toughness(5/5)
These two talents are to improve the armor value of themselves and their teammates.

2.Guardian's Favor (2/2)
This talent can reduce the cooling time of Blessing of Protection and extend the time of Blessing of Freedom.
Blessing of Protection can make teammates immune to all physical attacks, but this skill is not suitable for use on tanks. If the tank is immune to Boss physical attacks, Boss will look for the next target.
Blessing of Freedom can dispel the effect of slowing down the speed of teammates. If you need to run to avoid Boss skills, if you have teammates slowed down by Boss, you can use them.

3.Blessing of Kings (1/1)
Being able to improve the attributes of teammates, the help of the team is very large, this is the talent that must be activated.

Retribution program
1.Improved Blessing of Might(5/5)
Increase the attack power of DPSer.

As a therapist, in addition to strengthening the ability to treat itself, it is also important to strengthen the assistive ability.

Improved Lay on Hands, Improved Blessing of Wisdom, Improved Blessing of Might, Blessing of Protection, Improved Devotion Aura, etc. are all enhancements to assistive abilities.

After the program is completed, there will be 2 skill points left, you can freely assign them, usually assigned to Cnsecration and Holy Shock, and Unyielding Faith does not need to be activated.

Regarding whether Consedration needs to be activated, it depends on your personal situation. In theory, as a simple therapist, Consecration is not needed, but it can also play a role in Raid.

As for Holy Shock, this skill consumes MP very much, but its revenue is not large, and the price is not high.

The reason why Unyielding Faith is not activated is that Dwarf Priest has Fear Ward.

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