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WOW Classic Hunter comprehensive skills guide and talents add points

The fastest upgrade in WOW Classic should be Hunter, not only with single damage, but also AOE damage, more importantly, there are pets to help fight, and because the WOW Classic version uses the talent tree to add points, and now The talent choices are completely different and there are many more changes.
So, what we want to share here today is to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Hunter and how to add points to the talent tree to make Hunter achieve the highest efficiency in the process of upgrading.



NO.1 The advantages and disadvantages of Hunter
1. Upgrade the fastest career
2. Have the skills and talent to increase the speed of movement
3. Multi-target combat capability
5. Strong ability to continue operations
6. Strong independent combat capability
7. Strong PVP ability in the field

1. Need to replenish ammunition and food at any time
2. Ammunition and pet food occupy backpack space
3. Need to find rare beasts: Lupos/Broken Tooth
4. Need to pay attention to your pet, keep it at its best

NO.2 Choose the right plugin
You need to install the appropriate plugin before starting the battle, because the WOW Classic interface does not display the Hunter Aimed Shot (3 seconds) and Multi-Shot (0.5 seconds) casts, and Hunter also needs an Auto Shot time bar, it Accurately monitors the Auto Shot's cast time and cooldown time, allowing you to move or cast as much as possible with the Auto Shot's cooldown as the situation allows, thus less interfering with the Auto Shot cycle, which is PVE and PVP is very important.
In the first 1-10 level of the game, there are no pets. You can only use the kite-killing method to kill monsters. Install a suitable plug-in to help you master the rhythm and create more damage before the monster approaches.

NO.3 How does Hunter choose pets in the early stages?
Pets with a level 2 damage skill in the early stages can help you end the battle faster.
Night Elf: Grab a Strigid Hunter with Level 2 Claw skills.
Dwarf: Grab a Starving Winter Wolf, which has a level 2 bite skill or Mangeclaw, a task blame, it has a level 2 Claw and requires a Hunter level of 11 levels.
Orc or Troll: Grab a Venomtail Scorpid with Level 2 Claw and Level 1 Scorpid Poison skills.
Tauren: Grab a Prairie Wolf Alpha with a level 2 bite skill.
In addition, in the previous article, U4N also recommended "pig". Pigs that “rush” skills can approach or block hostile targets faster, and it eats almost everything, including Mage's Conjured Bread.

NO.4 Hunter Pet Usage Information Guide
After you have a pet, you need to prepare enough food for your pet in your backpack. At the same time, learn the pet skills taught by all pet trainers, use the "Beast Training" skill to teach the pet "Growl" skills, and right click on the "Growl" skill and concentration value dumping skills of the pet action bar to make them automatically cast.

If the icon on the right side of the pet avatar is green, it means the pet is in a "happy" state. In this state, it can cause 125% damage, yellow means "satisfied" status, causing 100% damage, red means "unhappy" status, only Can cause 75% damage. When a pet is in a "happy" or "satisfied" state by the owner, its loyalty will slowly increase from "hard to tame" to "faithful", a total of six levels. If a pet is often in an "unhappy" state at a low loyalty level, it will run away, so when you have just tame a pet, you have not been paying attention to its status. Maybe at some point you will suddenly find that you can't call a pet. , then it is running quietly, you need to tame a pet again.

Feed the pet when the pet status changes to "satisfied" (yellow icon) to keep it in a "happy" state with a higher damage. You will need to feed frequently when you first get along with a pet, but if you do this, the increase in pet loyalty is only a matter of time. The higher the loyalty, the slower the happiness value falls, and the feeding will become more and more The easier it is. Avoid pets participating in the fight within 20 seconds of feeding and interrupt eating.

Pets gain training points as their level increases or their loyalty increases. Teaching a pet skill through "Beast Training" requires training points.
Pets that are tamed at any level will also have 300 training points after reaching level 60 and loyalty level 6, including the number of training points consumed by the learned skills.

Some of the pet's special skills such as bites, Dash, etc., can't be studied at pet trainers. You need to tame the beasts that have these skills and use them to learn by using them many times. For example: If you want to teach your pet 4 level Claw skills, you must first find the Stable Master, put the pets that have been with you in the beast, and then go to the wild to tame the 4th Claw beast and fight with it. A few times, after it has used Level 4 Claw many times, the chat box will remind you that you have learned Level 4 Claw, you can go to the animal bar to bring your original pet out, and teach it Level 4 Claw through "Beast Training". .
There are only two positions in the animal bar, which means that you can have three pets at the same time, two in the animal bar and one in the side. Both positions of the animal bar need to be purchased, the first 5 silver coins and the second 5 gold coins.
Keep spending on pet training points with "Beast Training".
You need to dismiss the pet before skipping some steps or gullies, because it won't jump over like you, but will look for other paths. When you run back to your side, it may cause trouble for you or your teammates.

NO.5 Hunter talent adds points
Talent (31/20/0)

NO.6 Hunter different grade output methods
1-10 output method
When Hunter can't catch pets, the attack power is very weak. Killing the monster can only rely on the constant distance, and then create as much damage as possible before the monster approaches. This loop can be used when kite is a difficult monster:
Signing → Maximum range Auto Shot, cast Serpent Sting and run backwards immediately after the Auto Shot spelling bar is finished → Use Concussive Shot → Auto Shot → Run in the run and jump, use Arcane Shot → Auto in running jump Shot → Run → Auto Shot → Run, in the run and jump Arcane Shot → Auto Shot → Melee kills the monster.
Moving during the Auto Shot cast will interrupt the Auto Shot, and moving it during its cooldown will not interrupt the Auto Shot state.
This loop can be simplified when dealing with normal monsters. Sometimes Arcane Shot is preferred instead of Serpent Sting. If the monster is not much blood, even Concussive Shot is preferred.
If you have money, you can buy a green long-range attack weapon at 5-6.

Signing + Pet Attack → Serpent Sting + Auto Shot → Multi-Shot → Auto Shot → Arcane Shot → Auto Shot... until death.
Multi-Shot can damage both targets and two nearby targets at the same time, and level 18 can learn.
If the money is not enough, Eyes of the Beast, Eagle Eye, Scare Beast, Mongoose Bite, Undead Tracker can not learn.

Signing + Pet Attack → Serpent Sting + Auto Shot → Rapid Fire + Multi-Shot → Auto Shot → Arcane Shot → Auto Shot... until death.
Level 25 can use higher damage arrows or bullets.
If the money is not enough, Scorpid Sting, Track Hidden, Elemental Tracker can not learn.
If you have more money, buy a bigger bag and a bigger quiver (level 30).
The attack skill is used as soon as it is cooled down.

Signing + Pet Attack → Serpent Sting + Auto Shot → Rapid Fire + Multi-Shot → Auto Shot → Arcane Shot → Auto Shot... until death.
If you don't have enough money, Flare, Demon Tracker, Viper Sting, Giant Tracker, Volley, Explosive Trap can not learn.
Try to find Broken Tooth and tame it. It is a 37-level rare feline, the fastest attacking pet in Badlands.
Flexibility to use Feign Death skills to skip some unnecessary entanglements.
Level 40 can use higher damage arrows or bullets.

40-50 level
Signing + Pet Attack → Serpent Sting + Auto Shot → Rapid Fire + Bestial Fury + Multi-Shot → Auto Shot → Arcane Shot → Auto Shot... until death.
If the money is not enough, the Aspect of the Wild, Dragon Tracker skills can be learned first.
If you have more money, buy a bigger bag and a bigger quiver (level 40).

50-60 level
Signing + Pet Attack → Serpent Sting + Auto Shot → Rapid Fire + Bestial Fury + Aimed Shot → Auto Shot → Multi-Shot → Auto Shot... until death.

NO.7 PVE attribute priority
Agility > Intellect > Spirit > Stamina > Power
Agility: 1 point Agility increases 1 melee attack power and 2 points ranged attack power, 0.0189% crit, 2 points armor, 0.0377% dodge
Intellect: Increases mana by 15 points per Intellect and allows you to become more skilled in weapon skill
Spirit: Improve life and mana regeneration
Stamina: 10 health points per 1 point Stamina
Power: 1 point melee attack strength per 1 point Power
Attack Strength: Increases the melee attack strength and the 1 point ranged attack strength by 1 point.