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WOW Classic Hunter Leveling Talent Selection Guide

WOW Classic is about to open. In many occupations, Hunter has great advantages in the early upgrade process, but some players who choose Hunter are confused about what talent upgrades to use. Some people advocate using Marksmanship, which is considered to be familiar in advance. The operation method, but U4N thinks this idea is very wrong.

NO.1 The disadvantages of Marksmanship
The biggest advantage of Marksmanship is the high damage of high-attribute weapons with skill, Multi-Shot enhancement, Aimed Shot, and the more flexible control of Scatter Shot.

So if you choose Marksmanship, the first condition is a weapon with high damage and high lethality. In the process of leveling, don't say high-injury weapons, even a blue equipment that meets the current level is not easy to get. In this state, I have to choose Marksmanship?

And during the leveling process, mana and blood are very small. Is Hunter's mana used to kill monsters or kill people? Are you sure to use Aimed Shot and Multi-Shot to kill monsters, and still have mana to continue to fight against your enemy players?

Your mana is almost exhausted after killing 2 monsters. No mana still talk about Marksmanship? Therefore, U4N strongly recommends that ordinary players use the Beast Mastery upgrade here.

NO.2 Choose the advantages of Beast Mastery
Beast Mastery's unique Bestial Wrath, don't say the Cloth Armor and Leather Armor classes, even Warrior without a shield can kill. This skill is very powerful and can be said to be the strongest of Hunter talent. When the equipment is molded, you can use Scatter Shot or the like instead.

Equipment attributes mainly choose to increase endurance and intelligence, do not consider agile, agile in the early stage does not help you, as long as you live, the pet is DPS.

NO.3 Talent plus program

Hunter is actually a treatment for pets and a debuff for monsters. Pets are the main DPS. Efficiency (1/5) is to reduce mana cost and increase endurance. Concussive Shot (5/5) is to deal with wild PVP. After all, more dizziness is more valuable than ‘Efficiency’. During the vanilla period, fighting often occurs in the wild.

Vanilla's pet attributes don't inherit the owner. Marksmanship's talented pets can't attract the monster's hatred, and Marksmanship has 8 yards of blind spots. Once the monsters are close, it will be more troublesome. Flying a kite is a waste of time, and it is easy to attract more monsters in the wild.

You can also change Bestial Discipline (2/2) to Improved Mend Pet (2/2). It is more mana cost to treat pets. It is best to learn a Bandage skill. When the mana is not enough, use a bandage for the pet.

Generally, 2/3 of the mana is reserved to deal with unexpected situations. For example, if you attract more than one monster, you can freeze one, attract one by yourself, and attract 2-3 pets. When there are more than 5, you are ready to find a safe place to dissolve. Pet then Feign Death.

The Improved Aspect of the Hawk is worth a maximum of 1 point. It is a bit big to fill 5 points, but choose it here because the benefits are not as high as you might think.