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WOW Classic Hunter Race Selection Guide

Hunter is a popular occupation in the vanilla, the upgrade speed is the fastest in all occupations, PVE also has a certain status, and rarely robs equipment with other professions, Alliance is only a Hunter career requires Mail Armor.

The talents of each race in the vanilla era are very special and have a great impact on the profession itself. Therefore, how to choose a race becomes a very annoying thing for WOW Classic Hunter players.

Next U4N will analyze Hunter's best race from both PVE and PVP.

PVE Hunter Analysis
PVE first focuses on DPS, so the best choice for Alliance Hunter is Dwarf with Gun Specialization. Maybe some players will be confused, because Hunter's "Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers" is a bow instead of a gun, but you choose the other races of Alliance, there is no Bow Specialization, and Rhok'delar was not in the year. So easy to get, so from the perspective of DPS, Dwarf is the best choice for Alliance Hunter.

Horde Hunter has two options for PVE, one is Orc, which can increase pet damage, and the other is Troll, with Bow Specialization and Berserking.
From the point of view of racial talent, Troll is completely tailored for Hunter. During the vanilla period, most of the tribe's Hunter was Troll.

PVP Hunter Analysis
Alliance Hunter's best choice for PVP is also Dwarf with Stoneform, which can remove Rogue's Blind in addition to bleed. Some people think that Night Elf's Shadowmeld works well in PVP, but the vanilla period Shadowmeld can only be used in non-combat situations. If you want to use Shadowmeld in combat, you need Feign Death and Shadowmeld first, and the effect is much lower.
Of course, Shadowmeld is very useful when attacking in the wild and guarding the battlefield. I think maybe Night Elf Hunter will be more than Dwarf Hunter because it looks better.

Horde has three races to choose from, Hunter, Orc and Troll. Although Tauren has a blood volume bonus and War Stomp in PVP, the size of the bull head limits the player's operation. Orc's Berserk is ineffective for remotes, but the resistance to Dazed is very handy, especially when working with Rogue PK. So in terms of PVP, both Orc and Troll can choose.

Alliance has two races to choose from, and Horde has three careers to choose from Hunter, most of which are Night Elf and most of Horde are Troll. How to choose specifically depends on whether you like PVP or PVE.