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WOW Classic Mage PVE Talent Guide - Frost

There are many kinds of talents for Mage. Due to the limitation of talent points, there is no single talent solution that can deal with all situations.

If you care about the DPS rankings, then depending on the copy, choosing a different talent plan is a must for Mage.

Today U4N will share with you the Frost talents in Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.

The Frost mentioned here is not only Frost, but is dominated by Frost talent. If all the points are used on Frost, it is a big waste.

Frost Talent Program

Frost Talent
Elemental Precision(3/3)
Many people think that this talent is used to increase the spell hit, but resistance and hit are two different things.

The talents of Frostbite, Permafrost, Improved Blizzard and Shatter do not need to be activated.
In Molten Core and Blackwing Lair, Boss won't be frozen or slowed down by you, so you don't need to waste valuable skills on these talents.

Winter's Chill (4/5)
This talent only needs 4 points is enough, although +4 has only 80% chance, but in actual use you will find it is 100% chance. But if +3 is not guaranteed 100%.

Arcane talent
Arcane Subtlety (2/2), Arcane Focus (3/5), Magic Absorption (5/5), Arcane Concentration (5/5)
The distribution of these talents is the same as the previous upgrade talent, nothing to say.

Arcane Meditation (3/3)
This talent must be filled, it directly affects your DPS ranking and the number of Gold in the backpack:), the price of magic potion on the market is not cheap, and it is also very fast.

When we complete the above scheme, you will find that there are still 2 skill points left unused. These 2 points are freely assigned points, you can assign them to the required talent according to their own situation.

If you use Wand, then Wand Specialization (2/2), Magic Attunement and Improved Mana Shield can also be considered.