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WOW Classic Mage Upgrade Talent Guide

Mage in WOW Classic is a more powerful output occupation. Unlike Paladin and Priest, Mage exists for DPS.

Mage is a career with many changes, and his talent plan is not fixed, as is the upgrade process. Next U4N will introduce different talent schemes according to different grade stages.

NO.1 The first stage
Levels 1-29 are at this stage. The equipment and attributes at this stage are very poor. If you choose Frost, you will find that the attack power is very low, so this time we choose Fire.

Scenario addition order
1.Improved Fireball (5/5)
Shorten the release time of the Fireball. Don't underestimate the 0.5 second. This is a must-have skill, which saves a lot of time overall.

2.Flame Throwing(2/2)
Extending the range is a guarantee of survival.

3.Improved Fire Blast(3/3)
Reduce the cooldown of your skills.

4. Burning Soul (2/2)
At this time, activate Burning Soul, a passive skill that prevents interruption, while also reducing the threat value, which is very helpful for the upgrade.

5.Pyroblast (1/1)
Mage has a higher damage skill.

6.Ignite (5/5)
At this time, return to the previous level of talent, activate Ignite, increase the damage value of Fire.

Increase crit rate and increase spell damage.

NO.2 second stage
At this time, you have reached level 29. We have been using Fire until now, but when you reach level 30, we will use Frost, you need to re-edit your talent.

Scenario addition order
1.Improved Frostbolt(5/5)
Reducing the release time of Improved Frostbolt is equivalent to increasing the attack speed.

2.Improved Frost Nova (2/2)
Reducing the skill cooldown also increases the attack speed.

3.Frostbite (2/3)
Control skills, whether in the wild, whether it is PVP or PVE has a certain role.

4.Freezing Shard (5/5)
Increase crit damage.

5.Cold Snap (1/1)
A key skill that will allow you to break out of powerful combat power in a short time.

Increase the critical strike rate of the attack.

7.Ice Block (1/1)
A very important skill to protect yourself.

At this time, Mage's single attack damage is basically formed, and there is self-protection ability.

8.Arctic Reach (2/2)
Extend the attack range of related spells with certain attack and self-protection capabilities.

9.Improved Cone of Cold(3/3)
Increase the damage of Cone of Cold.

10.Permafrost (3/3), Frostbite (3/3)
Both Permafrost and Frostbite can effectively improve the control of the target, not only PVE but also PVP in the wild.

11.Ice Barrier (1/1)
Frost Mage's signature skills not only absorb damage, but also prevent the other party from interrupting your skill release, a critical life-saving skill.

At this time, the Frost Mage has been completely formed, what is there.

12.Arcane Subtlety (2/2)
Reducing the enemy's spell resistance is equivalent to increasing your attack power.

13.Arcane Focus (3/5)
Same effect as Arcane Subtlety.

14.Arcane Concentration (5/5)
This talent is very important. In most cases, Mage is not enough. This talent can save mana to a certain extent.

15.Magic Absorption(5/5)
Not only can improve their magic resistance, but also restore the mana value, a very practical talent.

16.Improved Counterspell(2/2)
This is also a talent for both PVE and PVP, effective for both enemies and monsters.

At this time, there are 3 points left in the talent, which can be added to Elemental Precision.

17.Elemental Precision(3/3)
Reduce the chance of the enemy's resistance to your spells. Note that it is two different things from hits.

For the novice, the benefits of this talent can not only take into account the PVP battle in the wild, but also produce relatively high damage to the monster during the upgrade process. Especially in the need to quickly clean up monsters, the efficiency of killing is much higher than the professional team copy output talent. Because the monsters in the wild are greatly affected by Frostbite, and the monsters in the team copy are mostly immune to Frostbite. As long as the monster is frozen by Frostbite, then with the Shatter talent, there will be a lot of crit damage.

Additional instructions:
If you want to participate in the large-scale activities of the guild, this talent can not be used, the guild activities will have a special talent program, which will be further shared in the following articles.