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WOW Classic Mage Zul'Gurub Kills Crocodile Talent Guide

Mage is usually divided into two extremes, one is very poor, and there is no money to buy potions in union activities. There is also a kind of richer, all kinds of syrup can be used casually.

Most players know that the Master does not lack Gold in the game. In Zul'Gurub, the Master can kill the crocodile group alone, not only to gain experience, but also to get a lot of Gold and some other by killing the monster. reward.

However, some mages are unable to complete this difficult task for themselves or for other reasons. Therefore, U4N will introduce the talent scheme and operation method for killing crocodiles.

Professional kill Zul'Gurub crocodile group program

This program can only be used to kill crocodile groups and is not compatible with other things.

Frost Warding(2/2)+ Arcane Resilience(1/1)
Increase the strength of your armor, even if you are poorly equipped, you can ensure that your shield will not be bitten by a crocodile. If your shield is bitten, it will be easily dizzy. The only way to face a small crocodile group is to resurrect.

Arcane Meditation (3/3)
Increase the time of continuous attacks.

Improved Mana Shield(2/2)
Improve survivability while reducing mana cost.

Arcane Focus (4/5)
Reduce enemy resistance to Arcane. When cleaning crocodiles, you can use Arcane Explosion first. The crocodile may or may not resist. Then use Frost Nova, freeze the crocodile while freezing them in place, or use Cone of Cold.

Arcane Focus can also be +3, and the remaining 1 point can be added to other talents according to your own situation.

Improved Blizzard (3/3) or Improved Blizzard (2/3)
These two different schemes determine the difference in operational methods.

Improved Blizzard(3/3)
The effect of the Improved Blizzard + 3 is not covered by the Cone of Cold. To keep the crocodile slow, you need to wait for Blizzard's DEBUFF to end and jump backwards + Cone of Cold. This is the highest rate of magic value conversion damage after proficiency.

But for unskilled players, mastering the bad rhythm is really easy to die. So there is Improved Blizzard + 2, so you can cover Blizzard with Cone of Cold. After attracting the crocodile back to the square, use Blizzard to let the crocodile gather. Together, then Cone of Cold + Arcane Explosion, activate Arcane Concentration and see the situation and then Improve Blizzard + 3, you can cancel Blizzard's DEBUFF and then use Cone of Cold.

Due to the insufficient speed of Improved Blizzard + 2, it is impossible to achieve full value damage, so the efficiency of Improved Blizzard + 2 is definitely not as good as Improved Blizzard + 3, but it requires less proficiency, novices can try to choose.

Improved Blizzard (3/3) operation
Use the Level 1 Blizzard on the square to simply gather the monsters. After completing the long run for 2 seconds, the full level Blizzard guarantees to cover all the monsters gathered together, running 3 seconds full Blizzard, Blink + full Blizzard, must guarantee the final blow coverage On all monsters, if there are individual monsters that go too fast, cancel them early.

Running sideways around the monster, Blizzard slows down and jumps back + Cone of Cold, if the monster appears to resist, then use Frost Nova, and if you resist again, continue to run around the monster, waiting for Cone of Cold to cool.

Drag the resisting monster into the monster group and use Cone of Cold again. If you use resistance, use Frost Nova, then use Cold Snap + Cone of Cold, then resist Frost Nova. If the monster still resists, use Ice Armor + immediately. Slow Fall jumps off the mountain and escapes from the battle and regroups the monsters.

This addition is more suitable for the groping practice, and the equipment is not very good, you can use Blizzard or Cone of Cold + Arcane Explosion or Frost Nova last minute to use Cone of Cold (there is a high probability of crit damage) Because we activated Shatter(5/5)).

After mastering the best method for yourself, delete the unwanted talents.
If you are proficient in Blizzard and Improved Blizzard + 3, then Shatter can be activated without this talent.

Frost Nova + Cone of Cold requires Shatter and Ice Shards to increase damage.

If your gear allows you to quickly restore the mana, Arcane Meditation can abandon the activation.

If you have been able to clean up the crocodile group after a period of practice, the three talents of Frost Warding, Arcane Resilience and Improved Mana Shield can be activated without activation. The extra skill points can be used where you need them.

One thing to be reminded is that no matter what choices you make, Frostbite and Winter's Chill are not activated. Frostbite will upset the rhythm of your operation. While Winter's Chill will cause resistance to Cone of Cold, it is impossible to distinguish whether it is resisting deceleration or resisting DEBUFF generated by Winter's Chill. It cannot be processed in time, and you should not activate it if you do not want to do it.