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WOW Classic Paladin Race Selection Guide

In the WOW Classic, Paladin is only available for two major races in the Alliance. Although there are no other professional races, it is very difficult for some players to choose between Human and Dwarf. Big focus: racial talent and appearance, so U4N will analyze whether Paladin chooses Human or Dwarf from these two aspects.

Dwarf talent
Dwarf has four ethnic talents, all of which are passive talents except Stoneform. Whether it is Frost Resist, Find Treasure or Gun Specialization, the promotion of Paladin is not great, especially Gun Specialization has no effect on Paladin.

So only Stoneform can be analyzed, it can immunize blood, poison and disease effects, and increase the armor value by 10%. From the description, Dwarf's racial talent tends to PVP, and is more specific to Rogue.

Paladin, as a mixed profession, has Purge itself, which can dispel the disease and poisoning effect, and Paladin itself has poor mobility, and the bleeding effect is not significant, so Stoneform has the largest addition to Paladin except for 10% armor bonus. The help is to restrain Rogue's Blind, but Paladin can't open the invincible state, and then use Hearthstone.

Human talent
Compared to Dwarf talent, all of Human's racial talents have a bonus to Paladin. Sword Specialization and Mace Specialization increase the skill level by 5, and the spirit increases by 5%, which can speed up MP recovery. Diplomacy can speed up your reputation. Perceptive can improve your ability to detect Stealth, and can effectively prevent Rogue in the field battle, but Human talent is not without flaws. First of all, in the WOW Classic, Paladin is mostly based on Holy talent, so Sword Specialization and Mace Specialization are here. After the full level, it loses its meaning, and the limitations of perception are also very large.


In terms of appearance, Human female is one of the most beautiful races in WOW Classic, so if you choose a female character, you must choose Human, and Human male does not have Dwarf male good-looking, so the appearance is completely based on your own preferences.

On the whole, the most suitable race for Paladin is Human. Although the Dwarf talent is strong, but the help for Paladin is very small, but the talent of Human is flawed, but the appearance of Human is very beautiful, can meet the player's aesthetic requirements. .