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WOW Classic Quick Upgrade Tips

WOW Classic is coming soon, after a long wait, finally have a chance to relive the original feeling of WOW.
The biggest difference between WOW Classic and the current version of WOW is that it is difficult to level up, and it is difficult to accumulate gold coins. In the 60th era, many players can only focus on one number. Many occupations even need to apply for a small Mage or Hunter to support the size.
Moreover, in the era when there is no plug-in, it is impossible to effectively optimize the upgrade route, and many occupations can only play 1-2 mobs at a time, and the mobs will recover for nearly 1 minute, which makes the upgrade process extremely difficult.
Today, U4N will summarize some of the leveling skills of WOW Classic. As long as you master these essentials, you will be able to save a lot of time in the upgrade process.

NO.1 1-10 level quick return method
In WOW Classic, running maps is a big problem. Even at the beginning of the 1-10 level, the tasks received were very scattered, and many tasks were still in the caves. It was very time consuming to run around.
However, we can use the protection mechanism to speed up the first 10 levels of the leveling process.
Especially in the early days of WOW Classic, there are a lot of newcomers, and upgrades need to be robbed. At this time, you need to quickly leave the novice zone and speed up your upgrade. After the 1-10th level, he chooses to directly resurrect, and there is no attribute punishment after the resurrection.
So after finishing the task, directly attract a few monsters, let the monsters kill, you can quickly return to the novice cemetery to hand over the task.
Although the equipment will wear out, the repair cost in the novice area is basically negligible. This method can save a lot of time.

NO.2 Quickly turn on the necessary flight points
This method saves you the time to run the map, Horde or Alliance, and the birth points of different races. This technique is implemented differently, mainly by Night Elf of Alliance and Troll or Orc of Horde.
Night Elf mainly goes to Ironforge or Stormwind City.
Horde is mainly a low-level Dungeons directly to Orgrimmar. The specific method is to start running the map at level 1 and start the flight point. Of course, it is a shortcut.
Horde side:
In the Valley of Trials, there is a shortcut to Ratchet on the coast of the business, you can go to The Crossroads by flying, and then you can run Thunder Bluff.
Running the full course is probably going up to level 2, which is much faster than going through the Valley of Trials mission to The Crossroads.
Be careful not to attract crocodiles when jumping off Southfury River. Then there will be a waterfall below, there will be occasional boxes under the waterfall, and the things inside will be sold to the store for a few silver coins.
Going to Thunder Bluff, the flight point is probably like this.
Use Hearthstone to return to the Valley of Trials at Thunder Bluff and start the official mission upgrade. The whole journey is less than 20 minutes.

Let's talk about the Night Elf route on the Alliance side:
First run from Menethil Harbor to Wetlands, directly from the upper reaches of the sea to the back of Ironforge, and resurrected at Ironforge, eliminating the need to detour Wetlands, Loch Modan, Dun Morogh for nearly an hour.
The right cross drowns and can be revived at the Ironforge cemetery.
The cross on the left drowned and could be revived at the left cemetery of Dun Morogh.
The subway in Ironforge can go to Stormwind City.
Night Elf can use this method to upgrade tasks with Dwarf/Gnome/Human friends.

NO.3 Low level Dungeons mission
At low levels, it is often invited by other players to play low-level Dungeons. In this case, be sure to get the tasks of these Dungeons. Many of these Dungeons require predecessors.
Horde Low Grade Dungeons:
Ragefire Chasm,Wailing Caverns,Shadowfang Keep
Alliance Low Grade Dungeons:
Stormwind City Prison, The Deadmines
Take Ragefire Chasm as an example. Level 13 goes in for 1 round and has about 3400 experience, but the mission reward has 10,000 experience, which is equivalent to playing 3 times. It takes about 20 minutes to get Rungfire Chasm's Dungeons mission. The efficient Rancefire Chasm takes 30 minutes. Moreover, these missions also reward equipment that allows you to kill monsters faster.

NO.4 Continue to blame
The continuous blame here is that when doing the task, don't just look for the monster specified by the mission, but go to the mission location while blaming, and then kill the blame and return to the mission.
Although it feels that the time for doing the task is delayed, the unit time is more efficient. It should be noted here that in the case of poor equipment, do not attract too many monsters.

NO.5 Hotel / main city offline
I remember when I first started playing WOW, many of my friends would tell me: I remember going offline at the hotel.
I don't know which version from which Blizzard modified the mechanism of double experience of the offline. After that, you don't have to go down the hotel/main city to get a 100% rest experience.
However, the nostalgic suit should use the original settings as they are.

NO.6 1 skill per level 2
Learn skills at even grades.
Another feature of WOW Classic is the need to frequently learn/upgrade skills. The effect of the upgrade is very significant. Many players will go to the trainer as soon as they upgrade.
But in reality, only a few levels will unlock new skill levels or skills. So you don't have to waste time running at odd levels.
In addition, some skills are not much used, such as Warrior Level 8 Thunderclap, almost impossible to upgrade. So you can skip this time and wait until you learn later.

NO.7 vending/repair plugin
Vending/repairing, including plug-ins that automatically replenish food and beverage, can save you a lot of time. Although everyone in wow has become accustomed to this plugin function, but WOW Classic Blizzard has limited plug-ins, it is best to manually check whether the plug-in is installed. In addition, many skills in WOW Classic require casting materials, such as Mage's Rune of Teleportation. Buying at this time will save you from being embarrassed.

NO.8 Auxiliary professional skills
With regard to assistive professional skills, First Aid is a must-have. This skill allows you to quickly restore your health and return to battle faster. And the fabrics you get when you upgrade are generally enough for you to improve your First Aid skills, so you don't have to wait for the material to come back later. Secondly, based on past experience, there should be only professional tasks in the WOW Classic for Cooking and Fishing. Although not many, it also allows you to complete several tasks in a unit of time to improve the efficiency of the upgrade. Especially in WOW Classic, there are not many tasks, less experience, and mission experience will be very valuable.

NO.9 Warehouse trumpet
In WOW Classic, backpacks and banks have limited space, and slightly larger backpacks are more expensive. In order to learn intermediate riding as soon as possible, it is better to save some points.
To put it simply, it is to open a level 1 trumpet to the main city with the bank, and then the extra extra equipment can be mailed to the trumpet. At the beginning of WOW Classic, most of the blue and green gear was sold directly to the store. Because the server has a limited amount of Gold, it is a waste of time to put it on the auction house or sell it to other players, and it is not necessarily more profitable than selling the store.
It is usually necessary to clean the warehouse trumpet once a week, saving you time while saving your backpack space.
PS: Level 1 trumpet walks the road, from Novice Village to the main city, usually takes about 10 minutes, and there will be no attack on the road.