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WOW Classic Rogue PVE Talent Guide

Rogue's talent is very important, and the right talent can greatly improve combat effectiveness. How to choose Rogue talent in WOW Classic? Through the collection of data, U4N lists two different talents in different directions.

The 60-level PVE first selects the Combat Rogue. The Combat Rogue also includes the use of Sword and Dagger. The main difference between the two is the weapon and the output method. The Dagger-Rogue is introduced here.

NO.1 Talent selection

Improved Backstab(3/3), Lethality(4/5), Aggression(2/3), Opportunity(5/5)
These talents can effectively improve your skill damage, although there are 2 talents not filled up here, it is because the skill points are limited.

Malice (5/5)
Increase the probability of your critical strike by 5%. Don't underestimate this 5%. It can bring very good benefits.

Improved Slice and Dice(3/3)
When extending the effect of Slice and Dice, Slice and Dice can generate a lot of DPS and must be filled up.

Dagger Specialization (5/5), Dual Wield Specialization (5/5)
These two talents can maximize weapon attack damage and must be topped up.

Relentless Strikes (1/1), Improved Sinister Strike (2/2)
These two talents, one capable of recovering Rogue's energy (20% chance), one that reduces energy consumption, can be combined to extend Rogue's output time.

NO.2 Core talent
Opportunity: Increases 20% Backstab damage
Dagger Specialization: Increases crit by 5% dagger
Improved Backstab: Backstab's critical strike chance increased by 30%

Disadvantages: It is easier to attract the hatred of monsters, and the initial equipment is more difficult to obtain.
Advantages: The highest talent of Rogue output during the vanilla period

NO.3 Output method
1. Mainly use the Backstab skills to keep Slice and Dice BUFF
2. Consume energy with Sinister Strike in the event that energy is about to overflow and Backstab cannot be used.

NO.4 Weapon enchantment requirements
Main hand: weapon damage +5
Deputy: Enchant Weapon - Crusader or weapon damage +5. There are different benefits at different stages, and +15 Agility's revenue has always been the lowest

NO.5 Special equipment property requirements
Dagger skills
Weapon skills can reduce the probability of BOSS Parry, Dodge, and reduce the damage caused by Deflection.

Simply put, it is a certain amount of weapon skills that can improve your DPS better than other attributes.

Aged Core Leather Gloves
Item Level 69 Purple Equipment
Bind after picking
130 point armor
+15 power
+15 Stamina
+8 Fire Resistance
+5 Shadow Resistance
Durability 40 / 40
Requires level 60
Equip: Increases your chance of critical strike by 1%.
Equip: Increase Dagger skill by 5.
How to get it: Kill Boss Drop
Drop probability:
Baron Geddon - 6.25%, Garr - 6.67%, Golemagg the Incinerator - 7.14%, Magmadar - 6.67%
Location: Molten Core

Mugger's Belt
Item Level 62 Blue Equipment
Bind after picking
Waist leather armor
98 point armor
+16 Stamina
Durability 35 / 35
Requires level 57
Equip: Increases your chance of critical strike by 1%.
Equip: Increase Dagger skill by 5.
How to get it: Kill Captain Kromcrush Drop
Drop probability: 25%
Location: Dire Maul

After the weapon skill reaches 310, the higher the value of DPS is limited, and the +10 Dagger level is enough.