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WOW Classic Rogue PVE Talent Guide - 2

In the previous article, we introduced Combat Rogue's talented approach to using Dagger, where U4N will share Combat Rogue's talented approach to using Sword.

Rogue-Sword Talent Program

Lightning Reflexes (4/5), Endurance (2/2), Improved Sprint (2/2)
These talents, although not directly add DPS, but they improve Rogue's survivability in the wild, not only monsters in the wild, but also Alliance or Horde, the first guarantee is to increase the chance of survival.

Although it does not directly improve DPS, it has a great connection with DPS. Only when you hit the other party, there is DPS.

Sword Specialization (5/5)
A very powerful skill, similar to Warrior's Sword Specialization, can trigger additional attacks, and if the race chooses Human, it adds extra damage.

Although this program has a slightly lower DPS than the Dagger scheme in the later stage, it has a wide range of applications, equipment acquisition is easier, and it is more adaptable than the Dagger scheme.

Output method:
Use Sinister Strike to accumulate combo points, keep Slice and Dice's BUFF, and extra combo points to release 5 stars Eviscerate.

Weapon enchantment requirements:
Main hand: Crusader
Deputy: +15 agile

1. Team Dungeons don't use the skills that can make Boss continue to bleed. The upper limit of DEBUFF on BOSS is 16 and there is no position to give Rogue any bleeding skills.

2. Do not use the Expose Armor skill, because the 5-star Exposing Armor will top the tank's Expose Armor, and the tank will not be able to use the Expose Armor, resulting in lower tank hatred.