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WOW Classic Rogue Race Guide

Rogue is a hot job, not only fast but also very competitive. So what race is Rogue chosen? Below U4N will analyze Rogue's racial superiority according to different situations.

The WOW Classic generally has two directions, PVE and PVP. Rogue's role in PVE and PVP is very different, so in the race recommendation, the two situations should be distinguished.

Listed below are just some of the racial features that are helpful for the Rogue profession and do not represent all.

NO.1 Rogue PVE Race
PVE requires a lot of DPS, so when choosing a race, it is preferred to increase the DPS race.

Sword Specialization: Increases the skill of the sword and the two-handed sword by 5.
Mace Specialization: Improved Hammer and Hand Hammer ability by 5 points.

Berserking: Increases the attack speed by 10%-30%. When you activate this ability when the health is full, the acceleration effect is 10%. When the health is lower, the skill is activated and the acceleration effect is up to 30%, the effect lasts 10 seconds.
Beast Slayer: Increases damage to the Beast by 5%.

Bloodrage: Increases the base melee intensity by 25% for 15 sec.

NO.2 Rogue PVP Race
PVP needs skills to control and de-control

Will of the Forsaken: Immunizes Charm, Sleep, and Fear after activation. It can also be used after Charm, Sleep, or Fear has been applied for 5 sec. It is specifically for the skills of Priest and Warlock.

Stoneform: After activation, it is immune to bleeding, poison and disease effects, and armor is increased by 10% for 8 sec.

Escape Artist: Undo all the bad effects that can't move or slow down the movement speed.

Toughness: Increases the chance of resisting coma by 25%. Very useful but unstable, the trigger is very powerful at critical times, if not triggered, it is useless talent.