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WoW Classic's most popular backpack complete Guides

WoW Classic has a lot of valuable items, but there are one item that everyone can't refuse - Mooncloth Bag, which is the most commonly used and most demanding backpack.
The Mooncloth Bag is a 16-pack, the drawings are easy to obtain, and the entire production process is not complicated. It is the easiest way for Tailoring to earn WoW Classic Gold. Although Tailoring can also make other backpacks with larger capacity, the cost is too high, and the time and effort are much more. There is no cost-effective Mooncloth Bag. So, if you want to sell your backpack to make money, first recommend Mooncloth Bag.



NO.1 Monthly cloth package production process
Mooncloth Bag, you must use Mooncloth, but Mooncloth is not a monster drop, but you need to use drawings to make.
The drawings for making Mooncloth can be purchased by the merchant Qia. After learning the drawings, you can't make Mooncloth right away. You need 2 Felcloths (how to get Felcloth?). To make Mooncloth, you must start next to Moonwell. The water spirits in Moonwell only occasionally allow themselves to be used in this way, which indicates that you can only succeed occasionally, so the price of Mooncloth is relatively high. Similarly, the price of Mooncloth Bag is not cheap.
Moonwell is available in many places in Azerothian. If it is an Alliance player, it will be sent directly to Darnassus, the main city of Night Elf, where you can find many Moonwell.
Horde players can go to the Moonglade next to Winterspring, there is also Moonwell, standing next to the well can start making Mooncloth.


NO.2 Monthly cloth drawing businessman

NPC Name Level Position Alliance Horde Coordinate
Qia 51 Winterspring neutral neutral <61,37>



NO.3 How to get Felcloth?
Felcloth needs to kill the demon monster to get it, but not all demons drop Felcloth, and demons below level 50 don't drop Felcloth.
The main distribution locations of the 52-58 demons will be exemplified below:
1. Satyr in Felwood - Jadefire Glen, he often swings in the Jadefire Run, refreshing very fast, weak attack, very good kill. In addition, there are many other demons in the middle and upper part of the map.
Rating: 49 - 50
Health: 2,670 - 2,750
Damage: 129 - 149
Armor: 2,944
Skills: Jadefire - Searing magic surrounds the caster, increasing its armor by 50% and dealing 50 damage to the enemy of the caster with a melee weapon. Lasts 8 seconds.
Coordinates: <38,80> <40,85> <41,84> <43,86>

Felwood Forest Devil Map:

2. Azshara's Legash Encampment, in the northeast of the map, in the north of the Blood Elf camp, is where the devils gather.
Map of Azshara:

3.Dungeons - Dire Maul East, but requires Crescent Key or Rogue Pick Lock (300). Kill the monsters of the first few plant types first, then turn right. The demonic monsters will appear in groups, and it is easy to get the devil cloth.
Dire Maul East Map: