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WoW Classic's most valuable pearls get Guides

Golden Pearl is a material in the WoW Classic that is related to some equipment manufacturing. In the 1960s, Golden Pearl was more expensive because Enchanter and Tailor would definitely use it. Every Enchanter's Runed Arcanite Rod needs Golden Pearl Golden Pearl to make it, and Runed Arcanite Rod is a must-have item for Enchanter to make Brilliant Wizard Oil. Brilliant Wizard Oil is an enchanting product that maximizes DPS. At the same time, Golden Pearl is also a must for Tailor to make Mooncloth Robe and Mooncloth Gloves. Therefore, Golden Pearl has a broad market demand in WoW Classic, is a very valuable material and has no restrictions on the profession, everyone can collect. It's no exaggeration to say that if you master Golden Pearl, it means you have a way to get WoW Classic Gold.


Golden Pearl Golden Pearl Get Map:

NO.1 Where can I get Golden Pearl?
Golden Pearl can be obtained from monsters living in the sea, such as Murloc, Lobster man and Naga. In addition, it can also be obtained from Big-mouth Clam, but not 100%.
If you want to improve efficiency, it is best to go to Feathermoon Stronghold. Naga is a paradise for the Golden Pearl. It is a very good place to go there after the 40th level, not only to get the Golden Pearl, but also to upgrade the level.


Golden Pearl Golden Pearl Get Map:
NO.2 Azshara

Golden Pearl drop probability:
The probability of a monster on the map of Azshara dropping Golden Pearl is between 0.01% and 0.16%. Although the probability is relatively small, the number of monsters is relatively large. They are usually in the form of hordes, you can keep killing. Don't waste time looking for it.
The smallest drop probability is Spitelash Myrmidon - 0.01%, which is a lot of it, and the entire beach is everywhere. The most probable is Great Wavethrasher - 0.16%, but its number is not as large as Spitelash Myrmidon, and there is no Spitelash Myrmidon distribution, it rarely appears on the beach, it likes to be active in the deep sea.

Spitelash Myrmidon activity area:

Great Wavethrasher activity area:

Map description:
As long as you are close to the beach, you will be surrounded by monsters such as the Kraken, Naga, or Lobster. They are between 48 and 55. When facing a single monster, it is easy to kill, but it is big. Most of the time, they are all in groups. If they are chased by monsters and run around, it is easy to attract more monsters. The end result is that they are killed by monsters :)
If your level is not that high, or the equipment on your body is only normal, it is recommended not to go deep into the monster group, otherwise it is too late to escape.


NO.3 Feralas

Golden Pearl drop probability:
The drop probability of the Feralas map is between 0.01% and 0.22%, which is much higher than the probability of Azshara, and the distribution of monsters is also concentrated. Most of them appear in Feathermoon Stronghold, which is the red circle position on the map. You only need Log in to the island and continue to kill the monsters.
The lowest drop probability on the island is Haterrest Screamer - 0.01%, which is a large number on the island, with a concentrated distribution and no need to deliberately search. The most probable is Coast Crawl Deepseer - 0.22%. It is relatively small on the island, distributed widely, and needs to be deliberately searched. It mainly lives in the sea. To find it, it is best to sneak into the sea.

Hatecrest Screamer activity area:

Coast Crawl Deepseer activity area:

Map description:
In the above article, there is a place where Feathermoon Stronghold is mentioned. It is on the small island to the left of the map. The probability of monsters dropping Golden Pearl is very high. Its location is very unique, you only need to move around the island, you can kill monsters without waste of time to find. At the same time, the monster level on the island is not very high, the highest level is only 45, most of them are between 41-44, it is a good place to upgrade, and also the most efficient map.


NO.4 Big-mouth Clam acquisition method:
Big-mouth Clam is widely distributed, with the most distributed places being Azshara, Feralas and Dustwallow Marsh, which fall from the monsters on the beach and are very likely to be between 30% and 40%. The probability of including Golden Pearl in Big-mouth Clam is about 1.7%, which is also a high probability compared to killing monsters. In addition, by fishing at the seaside in Azshara, there is also a chance to get Big-mouth Clam with a probability of between 8% and 10%.