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WOW Classic Warrior talent selection Axe Specialization or Sword Specialization?

I believe many WOW players have heard of Warrior's "Sword Specialization" in the early days. Because Sword Specialization is too powerful, Warrior players have chosen sword weapons. Until the end of the 70-level version, Blizzard weakened "Sword Specialization". After the promotion of "Axe Specialization", "Sword Specialization" completely fell to the altar. However, for some players who have not played earlier versions, it is difficult to understand the same 5% chance. Why is "Sword Specialization" stronger than "Axe Specialization"? Let's first review the talent of WOW Classic Warrior - weapon specialization.

Sword Specialization 5/5
Gives you a 5% chance to make an additional attack after you hit the enemy with a sword weapon.

Axe Specialization 5/5
Increases the chance of a critical strike of your axe weapon by 5%

WOW Classic Warrior talent tree can point out four kinds of weapons specializations of swords, axes, hammers and long handles. These four weapons specializations have corresponding mechanism additions, and the most commonly used by players is "Sword Specialization". "And Axe Specialization", "Sword Specialization" increases the chance of an additional 5% hit, and "Axe Specialization" increases the critical hit by 5%. Although it is better to increase the crit under normal circumstances, the additional one-click chance of a 5% increase in "Sword Specialization" in actual use can be said to be "Axe Specialization".

Although "Sword Specialization" and "Axe Specialization" are both increased by 5%, "Sword Specialization" has no cooling time in earlier versions, which means that if you are lucky, "Sword Specialization" can be triggered continuously, in PVP. At the time, a series of triggers can directly put the opponent KO.

In addition, not only the normal damage skill can trigger the extra damage of "Sword Specialization", even the skills of Hamstring and Rend can also trigger "Sword Specialization", and the extra damage triggered by "Sword Specialization" can also increase anger, this pair Warrior, who is very lacking in anger, is very valuable. In the early days, because of the existence of Sword Specialization, Warrior was given unlimited possibilities.

In addition to their own skills, the Hand of Justice's special effects can also be additionally attacked, the special effects of the two superimposed on each other, often there will be a situation of defeat, even in the face of the treatment profession, the frequent trigger of additional attacks can make the treatment player unprepared .

Hand of Justice

Item Level 58
Bind after picking
Requires level 53
Equipment: 2% chance to gain 1 additional chance of attack after hitting the target.
Equipment: +20 attack power.
How to get it: Kill Emperor Dagran Thaurissan Drop
Drop probability: 18.82%
Map: Blackrock Depths

The reason why "Sword Specialization" is stronger than "Axe Specialization" is because the player calculated the specific data in the past, according to the damage value expectation, as long as Warrior's own attribute reaches more than 25% crit, "Sword Specialization" It has surpassed "Axe Specialization", and with the better the character equipment, the "Sword Specialization" has higher profits, and the "Sword Specialization" has no upper limit, which is just the same skill as God.

Since "Sword Specialization" is better than "Axe Specialization", why does Warrlor Axe choose Whirlwind Sword when it is at Warrior level 30? In fact, these two weapons are completely incomparable. Although the properties are the same as DPS, the speed of Whirlwind Sword is much worse than that of Whirlwind Axe. Even in version 1.12, the weapon damage calculation formula has unified the weapon speed, but in In actual use, slow weapons are still more harmful than fast weapons. What's more, when the 30th level or so, the talent is not full, and its own attributes are not enough.

Although the early version of WOW Warrior's "Sword Specialization" is very strong, it does not mean that "Axe Specialization" is rubbish. After all, high-end weapons are very difficult to acquire at that time. They are often weapons selection players, rather than players choosing weapons. So what you can get with it, the human Warrior uses the sword, the orc Warrior uses the axe, and if you can get the Might of Menethil, it will go beyond everything!