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Why is Blizzard going to open WOW Classic and which players is it suitable for?

Since Blizzard announced the opening of WOW Classic this year, and reference to the 1.12 version, that is, will lead everyone back to the 60s, many WOW players are very excited about this. In the past May 30, Blizzard started an additional stress test. The official selected some players from the registration players to participate in the test. Many WoW anchors were qualified for the test. We are in different live broadcasts. I watched about 10 days and summed up some questions about WOW Classic and Blizzard:

NO.1 Why should Blizzard start WOW Classic?
Speaking of this problem, I have to mention Nostalrius. In 2016, Blizzard filed a lawsuit against Nostalrius, the 2008 WOW Classic 60-class server that was founded in 2015, which already had 150,000 players.
Eventually Blizzard won, Nostalrius officially announced the shutdown of the server, and this move caused strong dissatisfaction with Nostalrius players, they have petitioned that Blizzard wants to close Nostalrius, then hope Blizzard open his own WOW Classic. In a short time, Blizzard received a large number of player's petition signature, let Blizzard think that players are very keen on WOW Classic.

NO.2 Who are the players who join WOW Classic?
WOW Classic did a small-scale age census in the beta version, randomly selected a guild, the survey found that the vast majority of players are over 30 years old, and even a lot of 40+, and the number of people under 30 is very less.
If there is no accident, I think most of the players in this guild are old players of WOW. They have a special feeling for WOW in the past. In the familiar version of WOW Classic, they are not playing games. It is to find the youth that has passed away.
But on the other hand, it also shows that there are very few newcomers. Maybe those young people have never heard of WOW. If the age of a game is too old, it will mean lack of vitality and want to build on this age. The game atmosphere of WOW Classic should be more difficult.

NO.3 Why is it difficult for WOW Classic to attract new players to join?
During the period of watching the live broadcast, we found that WOW Classic has achieved the original taste. At present, it is only open to level 30, the leveling is very slow, and there is no landmark suggestion for the task.
In the age when the game was scarce, perhaps this is a kind of charm, but now there are so many kinds of fun product games, can such a setting attract new players?
In fact, we look at the trend of PC platform games in recent years, MMORPG has already become history, fast-paced MOBA, tactical games are the mainstream.
WOW Classic's appeal to new players will be extremely limited. It takes 20 minutes for a task, and the last task is just to help you get a little experience. This feeling is not wonderful for new players. This 20 minutes may be Play a Fortnite and enjoy the game with a lot of fun.

NO.4 Is the task in WOW Classic set up well?
The tasks in WOW Classic eliminate the fast food and cancel the task plug-in. You need to read the task content and requirements carefully, figure out what you need to do, rely on your own legs and run to the task location, and many task chains are going to run three. Four maps can be finalized.
The current version of wow is becoming more and more popular for fast food games. Every day, it is a simple and repetitive task that must be completed. WOW Classic is trying to make everyone feel as calm as possible to understand the game's story background. Substitute, but it's hard to make a simple comment on this design, some old players like it, and some old players don't like it.

NO.5 Each player defines WOW Classic differently
When watching the live broadcast, I saw a lot of such questions, "Why don't you open 70 WOW Classic?", "Why don't you open 80 WOW Classic?", and so on.
In the end, which version of the player is the most, I don't know this, but everyone has their own classic version is certain.
From 2004, it went online, and gradually declined in 2010. It spanned 6 years and went through several versions. Each player entered the game at different times. Is the 60 version really the most classic version?