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All rare pet properties and location information for WOW Classic Hunter - Past 2

In the last installment, we introduced 20 pets from the WOW Classic, which included rare pets and a small number of elite pets, which were difficult to capture depending on the time of the refresh. Of course, for the huge World of Warcraft, this is not all. Next we will continue to introduce some rare types of pets, some of which have the value of capturing, but some do not. Personal preferences are excluded here, and if you like to collect, you can try to capture them all. If you need wow classic gold to buy pets in auction house, check out


Ghost Saber

Rating: 20 Rare
Health: 483
Injury: 74 - 84

Description: Location of the Maserstra ruins at Darkshore. There will be some cheetah statues there, and the mouse will move over and the prompt will open. Open the cheetah statue and have a chance to summon the ghost leopard, which is translucent. After the catch is completed, feed it and eat it. After a while, it will die. After the resurrection, it will be fed. It has its own claw-killing level 3 skill, and its shape is very cool.


Mist Howler

Rating: 22 Rare
Health: 500
Damage: 41 - 47
Armor: 922
1.Tendon Rip
Reduces the target's movement speed by 25% for 8s.
2.Terrifying Howl
Cause nearby enemies to escape with fear for 3 seconds.
Inflicts Physical damage to the enemy every 3s for 15s.

Coordinates: <26,20> <27,19> <27,18> <27,17> <22,35>
Features: Attack speed is good, can reach the speed of 1.3 rare wolf.
Description: I have seen it several times before, so I have to work hard! The speed of 1.3 is relatively fast. When you catch it, it will actually fear the skill. After you catch it, there will be no more! ! And it will be level 1 of Fury, if you want a wolf pet, choose it is still good!


Large rock crocodile

Rating: 22 Rare
Health: 573
1.Fatal bite
Drains the enemy's health and heals the caster to a maximum of twice the health of the damage.
2.Infected wound
The damage taken during physical attacks increases for 20s.
Increases the caster's attack speed by 60% for 6s.

Coordinates: <58,31> <58,32> <60,30> <59,27> <58,29>
Features: Has a level 3 bite skill, and the skin is very thick.
Description: It appears in LochModan, and the task can often reach its position. The nearby mobs are not high in level and it is easy to catch.


Leech Widow

Rating: 24 Rare
Health: 656
Damage: 53 - 61
Armor: 992
Skill: Deadly Leech Poison draws 30 health from an enemy every 5 seconds for 45 seconds. All absorbed health is transferred to the caster.

Coordinates: <46,64> <46,62> <46,63> <46,65> <47,62>
Description: In addition to the name is scary, the other is not particularly prominent, the capture is relatively large, too many spiders around, it is not easy to see it. Bring your own bite level 4 skills.



Rating: 24 Rare
Health: 664
Injury: 162 - 193
Armor: 992

Coordinates: <39, 51> <40, 50> <26, 54> <40, 52> <38, 50>
Description: Black-striped white spider, long unsightly, comes with a bite level 3 skill.



Rating: 27 Rare
Health: 858
Damage: 170 - 203
Armor: 1907

Coordinates: <86,47> <86,49> <87,51> <86,51> <87,49>
Description: I haven't seen it many times, red, bite level 4 skills.


Big Samras

Rating: 27 Rare
Health: 926
Damage: 59 - 68
Armor: 407

Coordinates: <72,27> <86,49> <86,48> <87,39> <73,29>
Description: Rare black bears, rare bears!


Razormaw Matriarch

Rating: 31 Rare
Health: 3,145
Damage: 68 - 77
Armor: 1871

Coordinates: <70,30> <69,29> <70,28> <70,29> <68,32>
Description: The road on the upper right side of the Wetlands is a cave in the Dinosaur Ridge. It is a pretty dinosaur itself.


Cranky Benj

Rating: 32 Rare
Health: 2066
Damage: 234 - 278
Armor: 1884

Coordinates: <32,31> <27,43> <14,55> <14,54> <22,47>
Description: In order to catch it, I came here twice, and there are not many people here. It is the first rare tortoise that can be caught. It will be a shell-shell shield skill. It is very good and can learn a new skill. The tortoise does not eat meat, it eats fruit, mushrooms and fish.



Rating: 34 Rare
Health: 3951
Damage: 252 - 299

Coordinates: <50,08> <67,24> <65,19> <62,36> <66,26>
Description: A hyena, not too special, has encountered it before. This time it was caught in Tadi Salan. The last time I killed it was at the foot of the Niyre outpost. The skills were not, and the shape was not very good. It is estimated that no one wants to bring it!



Rating: 35 Rare
Health: 1331
Damage: 260 - 310

Coordinates: <31,86> <31,85> <31,72> <30,84> <32,71>
Description: Araga, the yellow leopard, is similar to the giant mountain lions nearby. There are no special skills, and the appearance is normal. There are no special places.


Vile Sting

Rating: 35 Elite
Health: 3656
Damage: 142 - 158
Armor: 1373
Skill: Venom Sting deals 10 Nature damage to the target and continues to deal 2 damage every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.

Coordinates: <70,64> <72,66> <71,65> <71,75> <72,76>
Description: There are not many rare scorpions, and there are even fewer elites. It took nearly 14 days to catch it in the flash plain, because there are too many tasks to do there. There are many quest items on the scorpion, and it is usually killed when it is just brushed out. Claws skill level 5, scorpion venom level 2, are very practical. The scorpion itself is not low in defense, and there are also vicious, very practical pets. It is recommended that you catch one.



Rating: 38 Rare
Health: 1,591
Damage: 292 - 348
Skill: Tearing the body deals damage to an enemy every 3 sec.

Coordinates: <49,18> <48,17> <47,18> <46,19> <47,19>
Description: It was taking a walk when I caught it, reminding me of The Barrens zebra! No skills, the shape is not very special.



Rating: 42 Rare
Health: 2156
Damage: 312 - 334
Armor: 2246
Skill: Fade Out Caster enters invisibility for 2s

Coordinates: <82,39> <84,39> <84,38> <78,39> <80,40>
Description: It is accidental to catch it. I haven’t seen it before. I was on the way to flying. When I flew over it, I quickly followed it back. Snarler is a black wolf. He grabbed it three times. It was resistant to the first two frozen traps. At the end, it sneaked like Rogue. The third time, the frozen trap cooled and caught it!