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The best ten pets of WOW Classic Hunter, pay tribute to the years we have been waiting for

This may be a Hunter pet that has been discussed many times. However, depending on the version, combined with personal experience, talk about something different, including strength analysis and analysis of strengths and weaknesses. Some Wow Classic Fans need buying wow classic gold to Upgrade equipment here we suggest you can go

Hunter is the easiest to level up, especially in earlier versions. When Rogue is thrilling at the same level, Hunter has begun to kill monsters across levels, and monsters are 4-5 higher than themselves. The main reason is naturally the pet's credit, especially the beast master, the natural leveling talent, the pet can TPS, is to catch up with the existence of Hunter's body.

Having a unique pet is a dream in every Hunter's heart, so all kinds of beasts, rare monsters, and special elites have become the first choice for everyone. In addition to the different shapes, the early versions have the addition of combat power. After all, Highlight the difference "honor, here are the specific analysis of these Hunter's best ten pets.

Pets are ranked in no particular order, For some special pets, their location will be listed here. For pets without location description, please refer to All rare pet properties and location information for WOW Classic Hunter


The Rake

The Rake is Horde's best pet for leveling and can be accompanied to level 60! It is a rare 10-level elite at the foot of Thunder Bluff, with an attack speed of 1.2, which is better than the surrounding lions.
For a version that unifies the speed of movement, the attack speed is the core of the pet, especially the beast master.
It is worth mentioning that it exceeds the attack speed of Humar the Pridelord and is a true strength. The misunderstanding about it is the problem of attracting hatred, including the unsustainable T. In fact, all the cat's defenses are unified. If you want to defend against high, you can choose the big turtle:). If you combine the bite skills, it will be better to attract hatred.
One of the advantages is that the output is high, and it can be refreshed in about 1 hour. Compared to Humar the Pridelord, it waits day and night (it is said to be 9 hours), and it has to be humanized.
However, the level 10 Hunter who just learned to catch pets ran over in the past and will definitely be taught by The Rake.
I used to run at 20th level, and I was lucky. I appeared in a few minutes and rushed over. At the end of the reading, another player emerged, and The Rake was taken away, but his rank was low and he was killed by The Rake in a blink of an eye.
Disadvantages: The first is the appearance, that is, the ordinary yellow lion, and the appearance of various prairie lions, and others can not recognize it, the appearance is zero. Then, the biggest problem, the attack speed is not the only one, The Barrens' lion is said to be also 1.2 attack speed, and the Starving Mountain Lion in the Hillsbrad Foothills, those who are squatting in the grass, but the level is lower.
However, the most important thing for pets is to accompany them. It is the belief of Hunter to catch rare pets. Finally, the leveling has passed.



Rating: 23 Rare
Health: 616
Damage: 53 - 60
Armor: 957

Coordinates: <20,25> <21,25> <21,27> <36,25> <34,28>
There is The Rake in the east and Lupos in the west, and the latter is obviously more famous. Lupos is the real king of the early version. This Duskwood refreshes the rare beast. Because of the shadow attack, it is very easy to attack the heavy armor. The 60th Lupos enters the Bestial Wrath state, and the damage is increased by 50%. A crit is said to cause 800. The injury was relished by Hunter. Before the BUG that ignored the armor defense was uncorrected, Lupos was the shortest beast in WOW. As long as it appeared, it was either robbed or killed. Hunter who had not killed Lupos was embarrassed to say that he had waited for Lupos. To a much greater extent than Humar the Pridelord. But the main meaning of Lupos is PVP. Normal leveling is not much different from normal pets.


Broken Tooth

It enjoys the longest time of the king's halo, and the story about it can be said one day. It is also the guy who shows the darkness of human nature, the blood case maker. The attack speed of 1.0 is the nightmare of all the casters of the year, and the repeated spells are interrupted, which can abolish all the power. Since Mage changed the strategy, it will kill it first. Broken Tooth was initially ignored by everyone, and later it was researched by many forum players to make it smash hit. Although it was forgotten after the TBC, it was brilliant after all.
In terms of shortcomings, the main problem is insufficient attack, and dealing with Warrior's PK is like scratching. The Beastmaster talent's Broken Tooth hits the Warrior-type monster, sometimes blocked, causing only a single digit damage, and the attack power is too bad.
Being a 37-level rare beast means that if no one helps, the leveling process is not very good. Even if you catch it, it will not only take time to upgrade it, but also the efficiency of killing monsters, so it is only suitable for PVP.
Broken Tooth's refresh time is said to be 2 hours, but it is much harder than The Rake, one is waiting for the server to restart.
One of my 60-level Hunter friends, who had been waiting for a day, had to work with Eagle Eye. I finally waited, and then the capture process was carried out in half, and Broken Tooth was killed by a passing 40-level Mage.
Seeing others unhappy is the happiest of themselves. There are many people with such a dark mind.
For more information on Broken Tooth, please click here.



Rating: 20 Elite
Health: 1508
Injury: 74 - 84
Armor: 4140
Location: Wailing Caverns


In the Wailing Caverns, there is a neutral camp of the elite turtle called Kresh. It is not a pet that must be caught. The property is not retained, and the ordinary turtle is no different.
It is completely selected by fame, very famous in a movie called MT cartoon, and a turtle shell shield that MT has long backed is also its harvest. In addition to the blue shield - Kresh's Back, more is to drop a worn turtle shell shield, white quality.
There was a time when I was obsessed with such tough pets. The armor of the later period was very exaggerated. The turtle shell skills were similar to those of Warrior's Shield Wall.
Every beast master has a heart of T. If the self-strength team lacks T, it can also use it. The pet acts as T. Hunter adds blood to it. The all-powerful Dungeons Hunter is not a dream :)
The tortoise's shortcoming is that it has less blood, only high defense, and only reduces physical damage, and how much spell damage is. In addition, there is a rare tortoise under the waterfall in The Hinterlands. There is also a rare tortoise in the Alterac Mountains. It is called Cranky Benj and is explained in detail in the previous article.


All Cloud Serpent

The most powerful pets of the 1960s were actually various unnamed Cloud Serpents. Whether it's a regular version of 2.0 attack speed, or a special version of the 1.2 attack speed in the temple (divided into Warrior and Paladin), or Zon'Gurub's Son of Hakkar, Cloud Serpent is your best choice.
Its strength is applicability. The first is leveling. It is known as the best pet before the full level. Especially the 20-50 stage is invincible. It attracts monsters and hates very well, provided that you don’t play monsters with too big a level difference. Although the player's blood volume increases after the full level, its PVP effect drops, but it is still very powerful.
Cloud Serpent's normal attacks are physical attacks that have an advantage over other pets. The most suitable is the beast master, which is explosive.
PVP with version 2.0, damage is 200 physical attacks plus 100 breath damage, version 1.2 is 100 physical attacks plus 100 breath damage. Speed ​​has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you play Mage class, choose fast.
Cloud Serpent is the best pet of PK Mage. It is a long-range cannon. There are many people who raise wind snakes. Feed is a reason. Like pigs, bread and meat can be cheaper.
In the previous article, we introduced Azzere the Skyblade, which also belongs to Cloud Serpent.


All pigs

Pig is the best choice for Hunter PVP. After all, pet damage is just a icing on the cake. Life is the key, and Charge is the most powerful control skill.
There are two options for pigs, one is the pig king of Razorfen Kraul, the Rotting Agam'ar, the black pig with silver-green armor, and the 28th elite.
Another option is the rare black pig Grunter of Blasted Lands, near the fortress. Of course, if you just use a pig at the door of Orgrimmar, there is no problem, Horde is pure and meaty.
Although the attack speed is slow, the DPS is not weak, and the PK of Broken Tooth does not fall, because all the talents of Broken Tooth are used to interrupt, and the pigs eat everything, the whole series is best.

Rotting Agam'ar
Rating: 28 Elite
Health: 2685
Injury: 205 - 244
Armor: 1061
Skill: Cursed Blood - reduces the intelligence of nearby enemies by 15 for 10 min.
Location: Razorfen Kraul


Rating: 50 Rare
Health: 3117
Injury: 428 - 509
Armor: 2999



Rating: 52 - 53 Rare
Health: 3075 - 3168
Injury: 463 - 551
Armor: 3136
1.Battle Shout
The warrior screams, increasing the melee and ranged damage of all nearby squad members by 4 for 2 minutes.
Deals normal weapon damage to the enemy plus 50 additional damage and knocks them back.
Hits the target, dealing 15 damage and making it impossible to cast spells within 5 seconds.

Un'Goro Crater, a white orangutan, has a lot of Hunter waiting for it in the cave.
This blue-faced orangutan has a god-like thunder, but it was later revised and his skills were slightly weaker. This guy only eats fruits and mushrooms.
Uhk'loc's waiting is very difficult because you don't know when to refresh the mobs. Un'Goro Crater is a map of more than 50 levels. It is also common to be killed by a group in a hole, let alone we are alone.
There are also PVPs of various camps. The level of everyone is not too low, and this hole has a series of tasks. There are many people who come and go, and it is too normal to be killed.


Lazy leisure series

The Barrens' Echeyakee, Winterspring's Rak'shiri, and Stranglethorn Vale's King Bangalash are the classics of the poor series, adding a Winterspring's Frosthaber.
Echeyakee is the poor version of Humar the Pridelord, which is summoned by the task of blowing the horn. Everyone can easily start, white and cool, which is a good welfare for Horde.
Rak'shiri is a rare elite of the 1960s. It used to be the most handsome, but the breeding rate is a bit high, and you can often see it when you go out. King Bangalash's situation is similar to him, the most popular during the beta period, and later everywhere.

Rating: 16
Health: 351
Damage: 48 - 54

Coordinates: <55,17>
Description: White fog, which is what Tauren calls Echeyakee, is the leader of the prairie lion. It acts silently while preying on prey, like a thin layer of white mist floating on the ground. Every time it strikes, it is a blow to the commandment, and its prey is even too late to fear and pain.

Rating: 59 Rare
Health: 9038
Damage: 530 - 630
Armor: 3380
Intimidate an enemy and let it escape for 4 seconds due to fear. Only one target can be intimidated at a time.
Increases the caster's attack speed by 30% and increases the Physical damage of the enemy by 1 for 2 minutes.

Coordinates: <50,18> <51,19> <55,14> <54,17> <55,17>

Rating: 56 - 57
Health: 3614 - 3742
Damage: 112 - 129
Armor: 3348

King Bangalash
Rating: 43 Elite
Health: 5809
Damage: 328 - 389
Armor: 2397
Skills: Summon Panthers


Prairie Wolf

Rating: 5 - 6
Health: 99 - 116
Damage: 5 - 8
Armor: 174
Skill: Threatening Growl - Reduces the enemy's power by 2 and agility by 2 for 30 seconds.

Former Hunter's first pet, looks cute. They are all over Mulgore, and they are rarely seen so beautiful in the future.
When it comes to wolves, I have to say The Barrens are the ubiquitous coyotes. They are very aggressive, and even if you are on the road, they fly around and chase after you, frantically biting your ass. One of the more famous is Snort the Heckler, which was introduced in the previous article.


Humar the Pridelord

There is no need to introduce anything about this black lion. As long as it is Hunter, I don't want to have it. Also introduced in the previous article, interested can click here to read.