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Fortnite Gifting Feature: How to Send and Receive Gifts

For the previous few seasons, if you have been sending your friends Xbox present cards with the intention of shopping for things, and now you'll be able to just send them directly considering that Fortnite's long-awaited gifting feature is ultimately obtainable as of update 6.31. Here's the procedure for sending gifts and detail the limitations with the feature.

Ways to Present Skins in Fortnite, stick to these actions to send gifts:

1. Go to the Item Shop in the main lobby screen and choose on the list of featured things.

2. Around the purchase screen, press the designated button to "buy as a present."

3. Immediately after that, you will be asked to select buddies out of your Epic pals list. Choose who you'd prefer to send the cosmetic to, and press the button to continue.

4. You may enter an optional private message should you like, select the colour on the virtual gift box or just press the button to "Send."

5. The subsequent time your pal opens Fortnite, they'll get a message that says "someone great sent you a gift." The gift is often opened by pressing the designated button at that screen.

There are restrictions, no doubt aimed at mitigating the schemes and con-jobs that always pop up around well-liked titles and that are an actual threat after you allow real money/semi-real income transactions that take spot in-between players. 

For those who find oneself unable to send a present, check out the following notes:

1. Ensure you have Multi-factor authentication enabled on your account. If you're not confident the way to get this setup then check out the directions right here.

2. You must happen to be mates with somebody for at the very least 48 hours prior to you'll be able to send a gift to them.

3. You are going to only be capable of present 3 times inside a 24 hour period.

4. Any gifts that are bought are not refundable.

5. You are able to only present an item that's currently offered within the Item Shop

It reminds me a little bit in the trading restrictions from Pokemon GO, even though certainly, those are much additional comprehensive offered the real-world element. 

It ought to be noted that the feature is at present limited to skins, outfits, emotes as well as other cosmetic things. In other words, you can't acquire the Battle Pass for another player at this time. You are able to also only send as much as three gifts each day.

Through the course of action, you could also be prompted to enable 2FA on your account. In case you don't know how to add mates in Fortnite, here's the method:

1. Press the silhouette button within the corner of the lobby screen.

2. Your friends list will open, and you can tap the silhouette together with the "+" sign subsequent to it.

3. Search for your friend by means of their Epic username.

4. Once the pal connection is made, gifting really should operate as described above.

Gifting has been present in Fortnite menu possibilities considering that update 4.5, which released at the end of June. Even so, until now, the function had not been formally turned on. Gifting arrives as an aspect of your not too long ago released 6.31 update which also contains the Legendary Pump Shotgun and Team Rumble limited-time mode.