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Lost Ark: Ghostships Guide (Spawn, Rewards, etc.)

Content aimed at players who have reached a gear level above 460, ghost ships appear, in the middle of the seas, and allow them to collect attractive rewards. The spawns of these ghost ships are all located west of the world map.

Amazon apologizes for Lost Ark server issues and offers free rewards

On Saturday, May 21, 2022, The Lost Ark's U.S. servers were under maintenance for an unusually long time and caused players to wait for a long time. Amazon Games chose to offer further compensation to apologize for the embarrassment caused.

Lost Ark Valtan, Destroyer, South Bern in big May 2022 update

Lost Ark has introduced one of the most significant patches in its history on the occasion of the big May 2022 update. The MMORPG was created by Smilegate and distributed in the West by Amazon Games, thus introducing a new version called Predestined Destruction.

Lost Ark - How to increase gear score?

Increasing your equipment score in Lost Ark can help you progress better and faster in the game. This guide will ease the dilemma by showing you how you can increase your equipment score in the game. We will show you in detail all three levels and what you need to do to advance to the following levels.

Express Events and Feiton Power Pass let you level up your Lost Ark characters faster

Lost Ark just got bigger. In addition to the new continent of South Fern, there's even a new class and several fixed bugs related to spear bearers. You will have access to the new Glaivier class. The martial artist is known as the Master of Spears.

Which are The Best MMOs And MMORPGs Of Early 2022?

In a genre often accused of being repetitive and stagnant, the MMOs and MMORPGs of 2022 are anything but. From long-awaited revivals to brand new experiences, there's something for everyone in this list of the best upcoming MMOs and MMORPGs of 2022.
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