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Which are The Best MMOs And MMORPGs Of Early 2022?

They are shrinking in number as more people are playing games across many different devices, but thankfully there are still some great options out there. There's no shortage of MMORPGs and MMOs to play in 2022 - but which ones are worth investing your time? In a genre often accused of being repetitive and stagnant, the MMOs and MMORPGs of 2022 are anything but. From long-awaited revivals to brand new experiences, there's something for everyone in this list of the best upcoming MMOs and MMORPGs of 2022. Most games are available for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox - but we also cover mobile games for iOS and Android.

Lost Ark - The strongest MMORPG in years
Lost Ark is a Free2Play MMORPG from an iso perspective. So you look down on your characters like in Diablo or similar games. The controls have also been adjusted accordingly. You use the mouse for movement and elemental attacks. Other than that, the QWER key is used for skills. The most convincing thing about Lost Ark is the sheer amount of content and its excellent polish. The game was released in South Korea in late 2019 and has received several updates. The level stages and equipment system have now been tweaked to fit together perfectly. As seen in other newly released MMORPGs like New World, the teething problem was primarily eliminated before the Western release. With more than 1.3 million players on Steam simultaneously, it has also achieved commensurate success.

+ The action-packed dynamic combat system
+ Lots of character development options
+ Lots of endgame content
+ A changing world that mixes fantasy and steampunk
+ Regularly updated
+ strong player count

- The setting and combat system are not for everyone
- Endgame includes a lot of tribulation
- Many daily tasks take a lot of time
- This store is controversial

What does Lost Ark offer? MMORPGs have started to have a tremendous amount of content:
You can choose from 15 different courses
You focus on just one story, but there are hundreds of side quests, some of which tell entirely different stories.
Dozens of dungeons and raids await you
There are shipbuilding and shipping
You can build relationships with NPCs
Have a house on your island
Auction house for trading
PvP and leaderboards in unique arenas

Why is Lost Ark worth playing?
Lost Ark feels like a genuinely complete MMORPG right from the start. There are many courses, many tasks, and everything is structured. Furthermore, the game is only convincing with its sheer amount of content.
I could follow the story and travel from island to island to do more quests there. But I can also go all out in dungeons and raids and join other players to defeat challenging bosses there for Lost Ark Gold and legendary weapons. The problem is quite considerable because of the difficulty, especially with the highest third-order content.
But if that doesn't appeal to me, I can expand my island, flirt with NPCs or dive into PvP, and have my gear system in the Arena, which is the same for all players. Therefore, skills are always more important than equipment.
One of the most incredible things about Lost Ark is that I'm constantly improving no matter what I'm doing. Even as a new character, my protagonist would go beyond squad rank or send upgrade materials.
Regular updates are also coming, so there should be new content every 1-2 months and a new course every 2-3 months. This is a very positive outlook for the remainder of 2022.

What's wrong with the Lost Ark?
This is an isometric MMORPG and not for every MMORPG fan. Also, these areas can get tedious at times, and later relax with different islands.
Lost Ark also values ​​mighty grinding power, and if you're not a fan of it, you'd better stay away from this game.

Fallout 76 - Game with a lot of potential
Fallout 76 takes place after a world nuclear war. Survivors remain in bunkers. Your Fallout 76 opens first, and it's up to you to rebuild the World. You start in West Virginia, USA. You must find food and water, and be careful not to get too much radiation. Explorers, in particular, will get their money's worth in Fallout 76, as the game world offers many hidden and curious things to explore.

+ A detailed world to explore for hours
+ An extensive survival game modding system
+ Weird humor
+ MMO with Radiant Universe as Background

- No NPCs, so it's a dull and empty world
- Technical issues, especially releases
- MMO elements are not used widely enough

What does Fallout 76 offer?
Fallout 76 gives you a dangerous world where up to 30 players can frolic. There are various things to experience, such as:
An exciting story told through notes
Events in the open World
Character and equipment upgrade system
Dungeons and Raids
build your base
Battle Royale mode for PvP fans

Why is Fallout 76 2022 worth playing?
A major wasteland update for Fallout 76 was released in 2020. The game is finally getting something that has been accused since its release: NPCs are coming to Fallout 76.
Shortly after that, the developers improved team play in One Wasteland by making enemy levels dynamic. In late 2020, Dawn of Steel finally came out - the best thing that could have happened to Fallout 76.
Dawn of Steel introduces the Brotherhood of Steel, a legendary faction that has appeared in all Fallout games to date. Since Fallout 76 is set before any other part, it's a unique opportunity to see how she can be significant.
The first major update of 2021, Loading and Unlocking, was released in the spring, which brought skill loadouts, so players have always wanted its feature.

What's the problem with Fallout 76?
At the same time, the survival genre has gotten a boost, bringing in new content, much of it community-requested. Others received mixed reactions.
Wasteland, for example, made teamwork better but ruined the single-player experience for many. It's a good indication of the big problem that Fallout 76 is currently grappling with: Everyone has to be happy somehow.
Since the difficult start, the state of the game has improved significantly, and many new players and returnees have returned to the field.
Microsoft now owns Bethesda, and Fallout 76, like many other games, is also available in Xbox Game Pass. If you want to take a look, you can get a very powerful MMO for 10 euros.

The Elder Scrolls Online - MMORPG for Skyrim fans
The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG but not a classic. It relies on a lot of single-player content, and you can enjoy any level anywhere in the World of Tamriel. ESO's unique story and setting of the game world are compelling. You already know many iconic places from The Elder Scrolls game and the famous compass instead of the minimap.

+ The backstory and story of The Elder Scrolls World
+ Known locations as scenes, including Oblivion and Skyrim
+ Dynamic zones so every level can experience everything
+ housing
+ Various combat systems

- Because of the staging, it feels only partially like an MMORPG.
- You barely notice any character progression
- Performance issues to be fixed in the future

What does ESO offer?
ESO receives three DLCs and one major expansion each year. 2019 is all about Elsweyr and dragons in the game world south. On the other hand, head to Skyrim in 2020 to discover the Black Heart of Skyrim.
The year 2021 is marked by Oblivion, which runs counter to Daedra Prince Mehrunes Dagon. This year, the expansion of High Isle was announced out of political intrigue.

The Elder Scrolls Online offers you:
Regular updates, at least quarterly
avast game world
Missions are full of sounds and exciting stories.
Various dungeons
Server vs. Server PvP

Why is ESO 2022 worth playing?
2021 is all about Oblivion, bringing three new DLCs and the Blackwood expansion over the summer. The game has expanded to include two dungeons, a trial, a dark forest area, and plenty of story content.
The highlight of Blackwood is Companion, which makes it easier for solo players and newcomers to get along in the ESO world. On the other hand, Veterans can use companions in place of players in dungeons or trials. They also provide some quests and story content for you to experience.
It's unclear how things will continue in 2022. But ESO will be convincing again in 2022 with its incredible soundtrack, great story, and action-packed combat system. Additionally, players can rest assured that there will be regular updates.

What is the problem with ESO?
The biggest problem is the performance of MMORPG. If it even has to cancel an event, such as the Fearless Celebration, something serious needs to be improved.
Zenimax is working on it, but it's still a long way from ESO running smoothly, and you can enjoy the adventure without lags or disconnects and other network or performance issues.
MMORPGs don't lack content, though, and Zenimax offers new content on a regular, regular basis. There's little to complain about if the technology is now at a decent level.

Pokemon GO - The perfect game for Pokémon trainers
Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game that merges the World of Pokémon with ours. You can travel in the real world, hunting for Pokémon, spinning PokéStops, and going on adventures with friends and other trainers. The hype about the game exploded in 2016 but has since died down. Nonetheless, Pokémon GO is still a popular game and is constantly being expanded. Time and time again, you run into real-world trainers looking for Pokémon.

+ Various Pokémon and quests in the game
+ The perfect adventure in between
+ Regular events and extensions
+ Rewards for playing with friends and even local strangers

- Difficult to play in small towns
- Uneven distribution of PokéStops
- Slight, real money advantage for incubators

What does Pokémon GO offer?
In Pokémon GO, you can catch all Pokémon from the first four generations, and now you can also catch first-generation creatures from the fifth and sixth generations. Plus, the game offers more than just completing your collection:
You can compete against Pokémon in raids, gyms, or trainer battles
There are regular and abundant activities
The game regularly gets new versions of old Pokemon, such as Alola, Shiny, or Party versions
The Rockets have been waiting at PokéStops and attacking you
The friend's function is now self-explanatory

Why is Pokémon GO 2022 worth playing?
There's always something going on in Pokémon GO. With events almost every day, you can discover something new every week.
In 2021, the max level was raised to level 50, and the seasons kicked in, now changing every three months and focusing on other monsters.
Otherwise, 2022 will pick up where 2021 left off. New Shiny is being introduced, and more and more new-generation Pokémon are being added.
So, five years after its release, finding new rare monsters is still great. Pokémon GO can even handle the corona crisis. It offers many features to make it easier for coaches to play at home. These include ranged raids and improved smoke.

What's wrong with Pokemon GO?
Some old problems with Pokémon persist. Inequalities persist between urban and rural actors. City players have more PokéStops and Pokémon. On the other hand, country players often have to drive to a nearby town to use events effectively.
Bugs are still a big problem in Pokémon GO. The game freezes periodically, and some updates temporarily make things worse.
Although Niantic has done a lot of work on these issues, they are often unable to fix bugs quickly and for long periods.

Guild Wars 2 - The Perfect MMO for Globetrotters
Guild Wars 2 is an ArenaNet MMORPG released in 2012 and has been continuously expanded ever since. It's primarily aimed at casual players who want to explore the World and experience heroic stories. What's special about GW2 is the constant level. Since its release, you can only reach level 80. Gear tiers haven't improved since 2012. What was earned back then is still up-to-date and valuable today.

What does Guild Wars 2 offer?
Guild Wars 2 has regular content updates in the form of a living world. MMORPG received:
New Field
new story chapter
new mastery
New content such as armor or weapon skins.

The World of Guild Wars 2 also has a lot of quests:
world boss
world events
jumping puzzle
PvP in the Arena and as a server vs. server
Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, and the recent Dragon's End expansion add a new vertical progression with abilities like gliding, jumping mushrooms, and mounts, so even veterans can still have something to do.

Why is Guild Wars 2 worth playing in 2022?
Guild Wars 2 is the perfect MMORPG if you want to explore the World and join other players to defeat world bosses or complete dungeons.
The final gear comes quickly, and after that, Guild Wars 2 is all about achievements, how your character looks and having fun in the game. With no monthly fees, taking breaks is easy.
For veterans and newcomers alike, there's plenty to do. In 2022, a new expansion, End of Dragons, is released, bringing new story content, new areas, new mounts, new legendary weapons, and more. Further extensions are also very welcome.

What's wrong with Guild Wars 2?
Guild Wars 2 struggled in a rough 2019. Layoffs, restructuring, and missing content make things challenging for players.
MMORPGs lack new impulses, such as instances, new classes, feats, or playable people. Also, the new Icebrood legend did not appear. Although they regularly release new content, the structure is almost always the same.
Guild Wars 2 has always felt that way for the past few years. Even though the levels are still pleasantly high, you can feel a slight step backward in recent years.

Old School RuneScape - The best mobile MMORPG on the market
The MMORPG RuneScape has been expanded and updated over time. But many players want to return to their former glory. So developer Jagex brought old-fashioned RuneScape to PC and smartphones. MMORPGs rely heavily on interacting, crafting, and trading with other players. You can look forward to 23 different skills, a vast open-world with hundreds of quests, and many possibilities to shape your character however you wish. You can experience it all with one-click controls. What's unique about Oldschool RuneScape development is that players decide on new content. It will only be implemented when 75% of all subscribers agree to a feature. Josh Strife Hayes watches Old School RuneScape in 2021 to give you an in-depth look at MMORPGs.

+ Diverse MMORPG thanks to many skills
+ A classic sandbox MMORPG with a lot of freedom
+ Greater Community
+ Close cooperation between players and developers
+ It plays well on PC and mobile devices

- ancient graphics
- Unusual controls for an MMORPG
- Subscription required to experience all features ($9.49 per month)

What does Old School RuneScape offer? MMORPGs offer a lot of content from which players can choose what they want to experience:
15 free skills, including mining, fishing or cooking, and more
8 Membership Skills, including Potions, Player Housing, and Animal Taming
Lots of bosses, dungeons, and other challenges, but no dungeon finder - the social aspect is essential
various mini-games
A theoretically endless grind, which should always make the game feel rewarding

Why is Old School RuneScape 2022 worth playing?
Few other MMORPGs offer as much content as Old School RuneScape in 2022. A newbie might spend hundreds of hours playing the game and still not be able to see everything.
Especially the different skills and numerous challenges in the open World make RuneScape so much fun. If you want to upgrade all skills, beat all bosses, and experience all the mini-games, you can fully immerse yourself in the game. Features that many MMORPGs never manage to achieve or can only be achieved with additional features like daily quests or login bonuses. You never lose the carrot before you, and Old School Runescape always feels rewarding.
However, the structure never forces you to follow specific gameplay or story.
Another unique aspect of MMORPGs is the community. Old School RuneScape is more fun with guilds. Because it is beginner-friendly and it is also friendly to newbies.
What's wrong with Old School RuneScape? The game is old. You can tell by the graphics and controls. Old School RuneScape is the wrong place for anyone looking for a modern and very fast MMORPG.
Also, new content is not developed as fast as games like FFXIV or WoW. So if you're in the final stages of Old School RuneScape, you'll have to wait longer for the update because the community votes on every feature.
However, if you want to try other games on your smartphone, you'll find other great mobile MMORPGs here.

GTA 5 Online - A Powerful Example of Gaming as a Service
GTA Online is a multiplayer game for Grand Theft Auto V. You create a character and enter a vast and open game world. Lester, a special friend, invites you on new missions repeatedly. You buy weapons and vehicles through your missions to earn money to make more money. Our goal is to create as many revenue streams as possible so that you can afford the new content Rockstar regularly builds in GTA 5 Online, such as cars, real estate, and weapons. Slowly but surely, you'll make your fortune through exposure missions, heists, vehicle deals, drug labs, money laundering, and other criminal content. This makes it possible to buy crazy vehicles like flying motorcycles with rocket launchers or the best gangster sleds.

+ Friends' Super Team Game
+ Rich content selection - shooting, racing, co-op
+ Regularly updated
+ Single-player game with a good story

- New content is expensive
- An in-game currency associated with a lot of run-ins
- Hackers on PC ruin the fun of the game

What's available in GTA Online? GTA Online gives you almost everything you want:
A large open world with many attractions and activities
Race cars, motorcycles, boats, planes, supercars, monster trucks, stunt racers, and more
PvP in the multiplayer, team, or open World
Different ways to earn currency passively or actively
Vehicle tuning for hot sports cars or fun scooters
Crazy characters in the story and multiplayer

Why is GTA Online 2022 worth playing?
Since its release, GTA 5's online mode has continued to add new content. Single players can earn money and start their empire as CEO or head of motorcycle clubs.
There are dozens of Rockstar-designed tracks for those who just love racing and competing with others and many more player-made ways.
If you just want to compete with other players in PvP, you can do it alone in the open World or enter one of the many multiplayer shooter modes that bring you together with different players through matchmaking.
GTA Online is still fun in 2022, and it's worth taking a closer look at due to the variety of content, especially in the big heist update coming out in December 2020. Then in July 2021, with a tuning update from the Los Santos tuner, there is now a hint of Need for Speed ​​Underground in GTA Online.

What's wrong with GTA Online?
GTA Online isn't all about hide-and-seek. After a few hours in the online world, you'll find that most content is costly. The most expensive supercars cost around 35 euros or hours of sanding.
Especially at PC conferences, modders often attend. If you are lucky, they will ignore you. If you're unlucky, your character will be set on fire and die until you switch sessions.
You'll notice the game's age from time to time as you finally wait for the minute-long loading screen to join the session.

Fortnite - King in Battle Royale
Fortnite is a PvP shooter from Epic Games about surviving as the last player in a match. You are thrown into a game world where 99 other players compete against each other. You can fight alone or in groups of two or four. The World gets smaller and smaller as the game progresses, so you can't hide forever. In the end, there was a showdown, and only one player survived. In addition to the battle royale, there are PvE games to save the World. This co-op version is the original Fortnite but has received far less attention than the separate and prevalent Fortnite Battle Royale mode. Save the World still costs money.

+ Battle Royale and Building in one game
+ Many different weapons and items
+ In a colorful and crazy World, there are always crossovers with other fields
+ One free battle pass per season, only cosmetic content in the paid pass
+ No-build mode is now also available

- A trolling and sometimes toxic community
- Difficult to grasp, thanks to the build system
- Provides many recyclable skins
- Upgrading a Battle Pass takes a long time and takes a lot of time

What does Fortnite offer?
While Fortnite only has one proper mode, the 100-player battle royale mode, the variety of matches is enormous. This is due to the structure of the game system. So have:
Different types of weapons and weapon types
Extensive Building Systems
Loot from the Sky - Loot in Fortnite is random
Routines for relaxing games
Since all players start with the exact requirements, the player's decision is critical. The colorful and crazy World makes Fortnite very popular with almost all players and many streamers.

Why is Fortnite 2022 worth playing?
Shooting and building elements, popular live events, and cosmetics make Fortnite a successful game. Even in 2022, Fortnite remains one of the best battle royale shooters. This game is for everyone who likes to play strategically and always wants to improve. If you're going to beat other players in the lobby, you should put in a lot of time to practice. Different game modes bring a lot of variety to Fortnite, and there is something for every player. So it's still worthwhile to start now.

What's wrong with Fortnite?
In October 2019, Fortnite opened a new chapter, and the game experienced a new beginning.
Some gamers love crossovers, but business is slowly going too far for others. But now, many collaborations with movies, other games, series, and even social media platforms are being added to Fortnite. The entire season is even dedicated to crossovers.
In 2022, Epic Games also had problems communicating with the community, with previous changes being passed on in detail. But Epic has been quieter since the new chapter began.

Final Fantasy XIV - The premier story MMORPG
Final Fantasy XIV has become one of the most popular MMORPGs. A lot changed in 2013 due to the game's overhaul, with regular updates and expansions of content like Endwalker, while a ton of content awaits players. MMORPGs are reminiscent of classic Japanese RPGs due to the intense focus on the story. Many tricky raids and missions await you in the final stage. But you have to get along with the combat system, which can seem challenging and slow, especially at the beginning.

+ Lots of content for every player type
+ Regular content patches with new dungeons and raids
+ Exciting story and beautiful cutscenes
+ Deep Production System
+ Nice and helpful community

- It starts slow, only gets good with Heavensward
- some strong instantiation
- The very monotonous combat system

What does Final Fantasy XIV offer? Final Fantasy XIV provides everything an MMORPG heart desires:
huge game world
very focus on the story
Deep Production System
Dungeon and raid-style challenges of varying difficulty

Why is Final Fantasy XIV 2022 worth playing?
The good thing about FFXIV is that it doesn't matter when you're into MMORPGs. Just because you start playing 7 or 8 years after release doesn't mean you won't find anyone making old content with you.
Many of the mechanics in FFXIV are designed to preserve most traditional content for players through daily rewards or other types of rewards.
FFXIV is also a stable MMORPG. You can 100% count on it getting a significant update patch every three to four months with new dungeons, raids, mini-games, and more. This won't change in the future, and you always know how much you're spending on the game.
Fans of the story-rich J-RPG will also get their money's worth in FFXIV. MMORPGs value their continuous and coherent story, which is constantly evolving. Especially with the latest plugin, Shadowbringers can easily keep up with any top J-RPG.

What's wrong with Final Fantasy XIV?
In the age of fast-paced, action-packed games, the main criticism of FFXIV is its slow tag-based combat system. As such, the MMORPG has a somewhat bland start. In the beginning, you have very little skill, and you have to torment yourself by walking through a large area with only bees, squirrels, and mice as opponents.
Also, the MMORPG's story takes hours to gain momentum. While the transition from the add-on Heavensward to the add-on at the latest turned out to be pretty good, the patch for A Realm Reborn was considered challenging. So if you want to get into FFXIV, you have to accept that it will be slow at first.
There is also controversy over how the patch structure of MMORPGs always follows the same pattern.

Older players can accurately predict what the next patch will look like structurally:
1-2 Dungeon
Raid (8 or 24 players)
1-2 Preliminaries - Kämpfe
make content
Different kinds
Patch mode can become monotonous for long-term players, even as developers keep emphasizing that the surprise is in the actual content.

Destiny 2 - the best co-op shooter, also in 2022
Destiny 2 is a loot shooter developed by Bungie (Halo). You play as a mighty hero (Guardian) who is supposed to protect the World and our solar system from dangers. In addition, ghosts can protect you from death and provide you with helpful information.
In Destiny 2, you can choose from three classes, play the story, complete raids, and strike or fight other Guardians in PvP. You equip yourself with a variety of professional and exotic items.
Meanwhile, Destiny 2 Free2Play's base game is primarily meant to introduce new players to the Destiny world. Seasonal and paid annual expansions such as the Beyond Light expansion should entertain seasoned Guardians in the long run.

+ great shootout
+ A fantastic sci-fi world
+ An exciting story, now being told seasonally
+ A good progress system that motivates and keeps you busy for long periods
+ One of the broadest and best co-op experiences

- Many people think that the content of the season is very stretched.
- The same pattern is repeated every season, and the content is recycled
- In the eyes of many people, PvP is very neglected

What does Destiny 2 offer?
Destiny 2 offers you a variety of content that you can experience in a group or individually. As a Guardian, you can choose from three classes: Hunter, Warlock, and Titan.

The highlights of Destiny 2 are:
The exciting and expansive game world
great shootout
Strikes, Dungeons, and Raids as group content
Seasonal Events and Seasonal Stories
Character progression, including collecting and perfecting equipment
Various PvP content, including PvEvP mode
The content of the shooter expands with the seasons, usually 4 per year. Parts of the season are even free to stream. This is where the new content comes into play, but it's much smaller than a significant annual expansion or previous DLC.

Why is Destiny 2 2022 worth playing?
If you love destiny, you don't have to answer this question. For everyone else, it's simple: Even in 2022, there's still no natural replacement for Destiny 2 -- at least not in the co-op space.
If you like shooters with MMO mechanics, if you value good gunplay, and if you want to experience a fascinating sci-fi world - Destiny 2 is for you:

Are you primarily concerned with co-op aspects and team challenges such as raids?
Do you like to go on adventures with friends and shoot alien skulls together?
Then (unfortunately or fortunately), there will be no way to bypass Destiny 2 in 2022 either.

What's wrong with Destiny 2?
For new guardians, even the accessible version of New Light should offer enough exciting content to keep them entertained for a while. Especially if you continue to use the more extensive add-ons as a newly created Guardian, the year should fill up and run pretty smoothly.
Veterans and long-term players are more prone to problems. Even with the revised seasonal model, Destiny 2 doesn't offer enough new content for many of them. Most of you should know the old activity inside and out by now.
But if you play with healthy expectations and don't expect a steady stream of content, you can still have a lot of fun for a season-expired €10.

Conan Exiles - Survival game with the powerful combat system
Conan Exiles is a survival MMO set in the unforgiving world of Conan the Barbarian. Conan himself knocked you off the cross, and you were crucified for your sins. In addition to the typical survival stuff like finding food and water, malicious creatures and other games try to kill you. MMOs don't forgive mistakes. Also, it's brutal and only suitable for players 18 and older.

+ The fascinating and diverse combat system
+ a profound story
+ The harsh and unfriendly adult world

- Not many players
- If you want all the bells and whistles, high cost in the form of a lot of cosmetic DLC
- occasional performance issues

What content does Conan Exiles offer? Conan Exiles presents you with a harsh and unfriendly world. But there's a lot to experience here, including:
Good combat system with different weapon types, styles, and mounted combat
Deep stories told by NCP, tablets, and the World itself
Buildings of other races can be reached
adult vulgar humor

Why is Conan Exiles 2022 worth playing?
Conan Exiles' new DLC, Isle of Syptah, was released on May 27, 2021, bringing a brand new map. The island of the same name expands the survival game with another map that is almost 90% the size of the former Exiled Lands.
Despite initial criticism and difficulties in testing, Siptah Island has been well-received by players. In addition to islands, there are new components, armors, weapons, and features. Events can begin on the island, the so-called climax, with powerful opponents.
In our test, you can read more about the island: we played the new Conan Exiles DLC, and the results were better than expected.

What's wrong with Conan Exiles?
With Siptah Island, Conan Exiles eliminates many of the past problems, such as the lack of new biomes and content to explore. Huge maps give veterans more to do, while new players choose what to explore first.
The PvP focus has also shifted more towards PvE and exploration. At best, isolated performance issues are challenging, but they are also getting less and less mentioned. By the way, Conan Exiles is now even part of Xbox Game Pass.