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Why is Blizzard going to open WOW Classic and which players is it suitable for?

Since Blizzard announced the opening of WOW Classic this year, and reference to the 1.12 version, that is, will lead everyone back to the 60s, many WOW players are very excited about this. In the past May 30, Blizzard started an additional stress test. The official selected some players from the registration players to participate in the test. Many WoW anchors were qualified for the test. We are in different live broadcasts. I watched about 10 days and summed up some questions about WOW Classic and Blizzard.

10 most memorable maps in WOW Classic

This summer, Blizzard will open WOW Classic, just like the WOW in 2005, with excited old players and ignorant teenagers returning to WOW's original imagination. Once WOW has the task of frustrating everyone, as well as fascinating and obscure features. As a player who spent a lot of time exploring this fantasy continent at a young age, it is now decided to review the top 10 classic maps of the 1960s. Of course, these maps are all the same as they were in the past, and they are not the same as what they see in WOW.

Blizzard Publish World of Warcraft Classic Release Date! Everything You Need to Know PvP

WoW Classic is built using equipment 1.12, titled Drums of War, Once WoW Classic launches September 13, 2019, Blizzard has plans to roll out six phases of updates that will each introduce new raids, dungeons, items and equipment, and PvP features. Six phases are as follows:

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WOW Classic Hunter Leveling Talent Selection Guide

WOW Classic is about to open. In many occupations, Hunter has great advantages in the early upgrade process, but some players who choose Hunter are confused about what talent upgrades to use. Some people advocate using Marksmanship, which is considered to be familiar in advance. The operation method, but U4N thinks this idea is very wrong.

WOW Classic Hunter Race Selection Guide

The talents of each race in the vanilla era are very special and have a great impact on the profession itself. Therefore, how to choose a race becomes a very annoying thing for WOW Classic Hunter players. Next U4N will analyze Hunter's best race from both PVE and PVP.

WOW Classic Blacksmith 1-300 Quick Upgrade Guide (Weapons Master Route)

Old players of WOW know that Blacksmith is a very expensive professional, but also a very profitable professional. Many players waste a lot of time and Gold in order to raise the profession to full level. In order to reduce unnecessary consumption, through the collection and organization of data, U4N here shares a guide to the fastest upgraded forging professional, hoping to help players who like to forge professional.

WOW Classic's fastest Rogue Pick Lock skill upgrade guide

In the WOW Classic, Rogue has a unique Pick Lock skill. This skill plays an important role in some Dungeons battles. Now U4N tells you how Rogue can practice Pick Lock skills the fastest.

WOW Classic Protection warrior talent guide

The warrior talent in WOW Classic is very important for career development, and different points also determine the follow-up planning. How to add warrior talent? Below U4N will bring you the Protection warrior talent guide.

WOW Classic Level 60 Warrior PVP Graduation Equipment Guide

U4N will introduce the best equipment list in Arms Warrior PVP, equipment attributes and effects, and how to get these equipment, as well as weapons used with these equipment. This article will bring you a clear goal, as long as you make reasonable planning according to the content of the guide, no doubt you will become a powerful warrior, even if the plan is only half completed, it is stronger than the average warrior player. More.

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WOW Classic: 1-60 Hunter's best range of long range weapons

Hunter is a very good career in WOW Classic. It is the only one with the pet and the farthest range, the most powerful career in the wild PVP. Of course, the premise of these is that you need to have very powerful long-range weapons, in order to maximize the advantages of Hunter.

The best ten pets of WOW Classic Hunter, pay tribute to the years we have been waiting for

Hunter is the easiest to level up, especially in earlier versions. When Rogue is thrilling at the same level, Hunter has begun to kill monsters across levels, and monsters are 4-5 higher than themselves. The main reason is naturally the pet's credit, especially the beast master, the natural leveling talent, the pet can TPS, is to catch up with the existence of Hunter's body.

All rare pet properties and location information for WOW Classic Hunter - Past 2

In the last installment, we introduced 20 pets from the WOW Classic, which included rare pets and a small number of elite pets, which were difficult to capture depending on the time of the refresh. Of course, for the huge World of Warcraft, this is not all. Next we will continue to introduce some rare types of pets, some of which have the value of capturing, but some do not. Personal preferences are excluded here, and if you like to collect, you can try to capture them all.

All rare pet properties and location information for WOW Classic Hunter - Past 1

Hunter's greatest pleasure is to catch a pet with excellent attributes and strong skills, and keep the original settings of the pet in the WOW Classic. Like the previous version, WOW Classic pets are equally divided into normal and rare, they vary greatly in attributes, and rare pets have better skills or attack speeds. So most Hunter players want to catch rare pets like broken teeth, Krirak, and Tiger King Bangalah.

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