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10 most memorable maps in WOW Classic

This summer, Blizzard will open WOW Classic, just like the WOW in 2005, with excited old players and ignorant teenagers returning to WOW's original imagination. Once WOW has the task of frustrating everyone, as well as fascinating and obscure features. As a player who spent a lot of time exploring this fantasy continent at a young age, it is now decided to review the top 10 classic maps of the 1960s. Of course, these maps are all the same as they were in the past, and they are not the same as what they see in WOW.

Top 10 - Feralas
Feralas is a lush, L-shaped valley with beautiful, green Feralas being the most shocking area of ​​Azeroth. The north extends to the bleak land, the west side faces the sea, and the southeast extends to the Kalimdor hinterland, the outer edge of the Thousand Needles. The climate here is subtropical and is mostly warm and humid with rainfall. This forest is academically called the jungle, but they are a bit worse than the Angolo crater. There are luxuriant ruins everywhere, and a variety of wildlife can be found here, including carnivores such as wolves, bears and horned beasts.

Although the task line is short. Feralas is there, there is no clear purpose, and there are not too many rewards for you to enter and exit deliberately. Feralas perfectly captures that wild, exploratory fantasy.

Top 9 - Ashenvale
Alliance and Horde's war in Ashenvale has never stopped. The most intense and unregulated is the war between Alliance's Silverwing Sentinel and Warsong Clan due to forest ownership and deforestation, which is the war in Warsong Gulch. As of now, Ashenvale does not have a formal attribution definition, Astrana, and the existence of the broken wooden post, prove that Alliance and Horde are not willing to give up the strategic location of Ashenvale. Ashenvale's virgin forests are in jeopardy, and the mysterious remains are filled with countless opportunities. After experiencing the Great Destruction of the Well of Eternity, Night Elf began to rebuild his home, and Ashenvale was one of the first places where they began to rebuild.


Top 8 - Eastern Plaguelands
Eastern Plaguelands is located in the north of the Hinterlands, east of the Western Plaguelands.
The border of Lake Dalmer is bordered by the southern part of the region, and Zul'Aman and Quel'Thalas are located in the north. The entire plague land was polluted and destroyed by natural disasters. The Undead plague pollutes people and nature. A harmful orange mist is like a layer of solid floating on a dull, dirty soil. The power of natural disasters has an absolute advantage here.

From Warcraft III, players have always dreamed of witnessing the horror scene of Stratholme, and Blizzard did not disappoint. The Eastern Plaguelands are fancy, bloody and great.

Top 7 - TirisfalGlades
The high elf led by Das Rema left Kalimdor and was looking for a place to build a new home. When they came to Tirisfal Glades, many elves began to go mad because some evil spirits were sleeping under Tirisfal Glades. Therefore, the elves were forced to give up their first landing.

The southern part of Tirisfal Glades is connected to the Silver Pine Forest, the eastern part connects to the Western Plaguelands, the southeast reaches Lake Lombard, and the west and north are close to the endless sea.

Top 6 - WestFall
WestFall is a remote place that borders Stormwind Kingdom and is home to people who are not completely controlled by Alliance. Resentful people captured the area under the eyes of Alliance.
This rich land was not developed after the Second War, but fell into the hands of the Defias Brotherhood.

WestFall has the same cool temperatures as Alvin, but the winds from the sea and the twilight forests are constantly rolling over here. The bare land is powerless to block the wind, and in this weather, the wind can pass through the clothes.

Top 5 - Thousand Needles
The Thousand Needles are a pure desert and plain. As the water once flowed through the canyon, the land is not a desert, but a smooth rock. There may have been a river flowing from Feralas to the glittering plains of the lake. Those crumbling stone spires will always collapse, and there is a Goblin racing track in the basin at the end of the labyrinth, which is one of my favorite small towns in the game. It also provides a large number of high-density tasks, all of which are neutral factions.

It's not too big here, the scattered pool is covered by vultures, hyenas and kobolds. The canyon makes the Thousand Needles become narrow and narrow, and the western end is the entrance to the Feralas. The northwest is the large lift to the south of The Barrens. The southwest is the home of the Wyvern, and the Hunter of each race comes to steal the Wyvern eggs. To the east, outside the chaos, the land is even more uneven, and the traveler is at risk of being a hawk, a band robber and a kobold.

Top 4 - Teldrassil
Teldrassil is the second world tree of Night Elf, located on an island off the Black Sea coast, independent of the rest of Kalimdor, in contrast to its quieter tranquillity. Teldrassil is known for its Darnassus, the cultural center of Night Elf and one of the most memorable cities in the world.

Teldrassil is really beautiful, oh, the kaleidoscope of purple and green mixed fantasy, making the world look so vivid, music is so beautiful.

Top 3 - Hillsbrad hills
The Hillsbrad hills are located in the south of the Alterac Mountains, northwest of the Arathi Highlands, and in the south the sea. Due to the presence of the natural buffer of the Alterac Mountains, Hillsbrad is protected from the threat of the plague Undead, and here too
It is one of the few remaining areas controlled by humans in Lordaeron. The area is also the best choice for travellers to get safety and accommodation.

This is an iconic area, Blizzard turned it back into a battlefield; Hillsbrad is a great place for wild pvp. On this cold mountain top, you will first find a strong hatred against the hostile camp. This experience is desirable in Classic.

Top 2 - Stranglethorn Vale
Stranglethorn Vale is perhaps the largest area of ​​Azeroth and certainly one of the busiest areas.
There are many Trolls hidden in the dense jungle. For an outsider, all Trolls look the same, but they have at least four different tribes. In addition to the large number of Trolls, Goblin pirates and some naga also live in this area. Stranglethorn Vale is a huge rainforest with continuous showers and an unbearable humid climate.

If you don't run the enemy camp again and again at Stranglethorn Vale at around level 30, then you won't play WOW Classic. When you look back at one of Stranglethorn Vale's experiences, you may be constantly looking for tombstones from Booty Bay. However, this is a wonderful area filled with the bloodthirsty adventures of the southern coast of Azeroth that you would expect.

Top 1 - The Barrens
Without any background, The Barrens is actually an imperfect area of ​​design. Getting three different races (Tauren, Troll, and Orc) into the same area is a very bad idea.
But through this confusion, we have discovered a real, irreplaceable magic. There is no more representative area on this list than this map, which defines our earliest memories of WOW.

The Barrens is very vast, and although I spend a lot of time riding a borrowed sheep, the whole journey took me a few days.
I went to visit Balmordan and enjoyed the joy of reunion. In addition to the Forsaken, the relationship between the members of Horde seems to be more harmonious than the Alliance.