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Poe Currency Cartographer's Chisel Guide

PoE Cartographer's Chisel used on higher level maps, as the more item quantity on a low-level map translates to negligible gains. Furthermore, since Chisels are relatively uncommon, it is usually recommended to only spend them on normal maps rather than magic or rare maps. Also, once a Map is 20% it stays 20% even when scoured or changed in any other way. The amount of quality given depends on the rarity of the map. Here u4n Ps4 PoE Currency Will share Poe Currency Cartographer's Chisel Guide for you.

How to Get Cartographer's Chisel
1. Drop From monsters

2. Vendor recipe:
1) Map with 20% Quality = 1x Cartographer's Chisel
2) 1× Stone Hammer/Rock Breaker/Gavel with 20% quality + 1× Any Map = 1x Cartographer's Chisel
Tips: If Stone Hammer/Rock Breaker/Gavel does not have 20% quality, You can use Blacksmith's Whetstone Upgrade to 20%.

3. Exchange with Divination Card
1x The Cartographer > 10x Cartographer's Chisel
5x The Master Artisan > Random 20x Cartographer's Chisel
5x Emperor's Luck > Random 5x Cartographer's Chisel

4. Sell Items
you can put not use Poe items or currency in PoE trade website to exchange Cartographer's Chisel.
Standard Exchange Rate:
10x Chaos Orb Exchange to 20x Cartographer's Chisel
1x Exalted Orb Exchange to 192x Cartographer's Chisel
League Exchange Rate:
10x Chaos Orb Exchange to 11x Cartographer's Chisel
1x Exalted Orb Exchange to 289x Cartographer's Chisel

5. Buy from the online site
Search "Buy Cartographer's Chisel", "u4n Ps4 Currency" at, and then you find a website which sells currency.

How To Use Cartographer's Chisel
Right click on the pin and then left click on a map to use it. The lower the rarity, the better the Map will be. The upper limit is 20%.
White map: get 20% quality only 4x Cartographer's Chisel
Golden rare Map: get 20% quality requires 20x Cartographer's Chisel
The correct usage should be:
First, use Cartographer's Chisel Upgrade the white map (only 4x Cartographer's Chisel) > then use Orb of Alchemy > finally use Vaal