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WOW Classic Paladin PVE Upgrade Talent Guide

The upgrade speed of Paladin in WOW Classic is relatively slow. During the upgrade process, you can't attack monsters that exceed your own level. Otherwise, there will be a great chance of being killed by monsters, and the attack power is not high, and the control skills are also low.

U4N's talent plan to share today is mainly based on upgrades. Use Retribution talent to use when upgrading in the field or doing tasks. In WOW Classic, Holy is the mainstream in Raid, but in the Raid of 5 people, you need to prepare a set of Heals equipment.

Although the Retribution talent can also be used, this is only for the 60 level. In large Raid, if you don't use Holy, you won't be able to enter the team.

Paladin PVE upgrade talent program

Talent plan analysis
When you are leveling in the early stage, your main spell is Judgement. Benediction can directly reduce the MP consumed by Judgement and is very useful in combat.

2. There are two options to choose from, one is Improved Judgement (2/2) + Deflection (5/5), both of these talents are full, and the other is Deflection (5/5).
I chose Improved Judgement because some players use Judgement very often. Deflection is also useful in combat, which can offset an attack damage.

After Deflection, your next weapon attack interval is reduced by half, or resetting an attack. It is very friendly to the two-handed weapon profession and has a high profit.

Instead of choosing Improved Judgement (2/2), some players think that Judgement skills are particularly consuming MP, even if Benediction (5/5), MP is not enough, so they give up the Judgement skills.

3. Here you must first activate the Seal of Command (1/1), which is a small burst skill, although it is a chance trigger, but the effect after the trigger is very good, the damage is very high. After activation, it will make your upgrade process easier.

4.Improved Devotion Aura(5/5)
This stage begins with Protection talent. The previous talent scheme can improve your attack power and reduce MP consumption. But these are not enough. You need to increase your armor and improve your resistance to damage. Survive.

This can increase your chances of hitting the monster. In the case that the previous hits are not enough, the talent that can add extra hits must be filled up. This is directly related to your upgrade efficiency, especially Retribution, using two-handed weapons, although A single attack has a higher damage, but the attack speed is slower. If you do not hit the monster several times in a row, it will prolong the time to kill the monster and reduce the upgrade efficiency.

After raising the hit, the most important thing is to increase the chance of crit, increase the crit rate on the basis of satisfying the hit, and let you kill the monster faster and improve the upgrade efficiency.

Reducing the enemy's power and agility attributes can reduce the damage value of physical attacks, equal to the disguised increase of their own defense, and the life-saving talent of the field upgrade.

8.Pursuit of Justice (2/2)
Enhancing the movement speed of characters and mounts, although only 8%, may feel that the promotion is not obvious, but Paladin has no other skills to increase the speed, it is more useful when chasing the enemy.

If you want to use it to escape, give up, because you are hard to escape. The easiest way is to turn on invincible skills and then use Hearthstone to return to the city.

9.Two-Handed Weapon Specialization(3/3)
Increase weapon damage, increase attack power, and speed up the killing of monsters.

10.Divine Strength (5/5)
Improve your own power attributes and increase your attack power.

11.Spiritual Focus (5/5), Sanctity Aura (1/1)
The opening of these two talents is mainly used in Raid. After the activation of Spiritual Focus, Flash of Light and Holy Light have a great chance of not being interrupted or delayed, and Sanctity Aura has a gain effect on the surrounding teammates.

After all, compared with other professions, Paladin's upgrade speed is the slowest, and there is a lot of demand for equipment. If you just do the task, you can't meet the needs of Paladin. The best way is to form a team with others to enter Dungeons, where not only upgrades. Fast, and will drop some better equipment. In the smaller Raid, you can directly use the Retribution talent to play the role of Heals. The role of DPS and the tank is still not to be considered. Compared with other professions, Paladin is not only low in DPS, but also unstable in attracting monsters. The only suitable one. The role is only Heals.

12.Vengeance (5/5), Repentance (1/1)
Vengeance can increase the damage after crit, and Repentance does not work widely because it only works for humanoids.

This set of talents is only used for upgrades. When you reach level 60, you need to make further modifications to the original plan.