WOW Classic Holy-Paladin PVE Talent Guide

The previous article introduced the talent used in the Paladin upgrade process. U4N recommended Retribution to everyone, but this does not mean that Paladin can only be upgraded using Retribution. In addition, Paladin can also use Holy talent.

Why can't Paladin in WOW Classic be a tank?

In the Paladin talent of WOW Classic, the most commonly used upgrade is the Retribution talent. The Raid is commonly used by Holy talent, but the Protection talent is rarely used, because the Protection talent is much different in all aspects compared with Warrior. Next U4N will share in several ways, why the team is Warrior as a tank instead of Paladin.

WOW Classic Paladin PVE Upgrade Talent Guide

U4N's talent plan to share today is mainly based on upgrades. Use Retribution talent to use when upgrading in the field or doing tasks. In WOW Classic, Holy is the mainstream in Raid, but in the Raid of 5 people, you need to prepare a set of Heals equipment.

WOW Classic Paladin Race Selection Guide

In the WOW Classic, Paladin is only available for two major races in the Alliance. Although there are no other professional races, it is very difficult for some players to choose between Human and Dwarf. Big focus: racial talent and appearance, so U4N will analyze whether Paladin chooses Human or Dwarf from these two aspects.

WOW Classic Mage PVP Talent Guide - Frost and Fire

In the previous article, U4N introduced Mage's PVP talent program in case of poor equipment. But when you spend that period of time, as your equipment slowly gets better, the original plan needs to change. The equipment with this solution is best R10 suit, the talent in the red box must be activated, due to the limited number of talent points, the Arcane series can only give up the talent to reduce the opponent's magic resistance.

WOW Classic Mage PVP Talent Guide - Arcane and Frost

Mage is a very strong career in WOW Classic. The previous article introduced some guidelines on PVE. Here U4N will share some talents about Mage PVP. In the early days when everyone's equipment attributes are not good, it is recommended that you use Arcane and Frost talent, which is based on Frost talent, Arcane as an auxiliary talent.

WOW Classic Mage Zul'Gurub Kills Crocodile Talent Guide

Most players know that the Master does not lack Gold in the game. In Zul'Gurub, the Master can kill the crocodile group alone, not only to gain experience, but also to get a lot of Gold and some other by killing the monster. reward. However, some mages are unable to complete this difficult task for themselves or for other reasons. Therefore, U4N will introduce the talent scheme and operation method for killing crocodiles.

WOW Classic Mage PVE Talent Guide - Fire

In the previous article, U4N shared the talents of Frost and Arcane, and will share the talents of Fire. It must be stated that here is the talent of Fire in Ahn'Qiraj Raid. Prior to Ahn'Qiraj, U4N did not recommend using Fire, Arcane or Frost would perform better.

WOW Classic Mage PVE Talent Guide - Arcane

In the previous article, we introduced Frost-Mage's PVE talent program. Here we will introduce Arcane-Mage's talents in Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. If you have a good understanding of the skills of BOSS or mobs, and Dungeons is too serious, and want to compete with others for DPS rankings and get the first prize, you can choose this talent.

WOW Classic Mage PVE Talent Guide - Frost

There are many kinds of talents for Mage. Due to the limitation of talent points, there is no single talent solution that can deal with all situations. If you care about the DPS rankings, then depending on the copy, choosing a different talent plan is a must for Mage. Today U4N will share with you the Frost talents in Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.

WOW Classic Mage Upgrade Talent Guide

Mage in WOW Classic is a more powerful output occupation. Unlike Paladin and Priest, Mage exists for DPS. Mage is a career with many changes, and his talent plan is not fixed, as is the upgrade process. Next U4N will introduce different talent schemes according to different grade stages.

WOW Classic Mage Race Guide

Mage is a very strong profession, both PVE and PVP, have excellent performance. In several races of WOW Classic, although each race has its own characteristics, there are not many races suitable for Mage.
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