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All rare pet properties and location information for WOW Classic Hunter - Past 1

Hunter's greatest pleasure is to catch a pet with excellent attributes and strong skills, and keep the original settings of the pet in the WOW Classic. Like the previous version, WOW Classic pets are equally divided into normal and rare, they vary greatly in attributes, and rare pets have better skills or attack speeds. So most Hunter players want to catch rare pets like broken teeth, Krirak, and Tiger King Bangalah. About the refresh time of WOW Classic rare pets, Blizzard's reply is calculated according to the 8 hours of Classic 1.12 version, a few rare pets refresh time is 12 hours, such as Broken Tooth. Let's share the name of the rare pet in WOW Classic and the coordinates of the refresh location.



Rating: 9 Rare
Health: 176
Damage: 15 - 17
Armor: 406
Skill: Tendon Rip reduces the target's movement speed by 25% for 8s.

Coordinates: <59,77> <58,76> <55,76> <54,76> <59,76>
Features: Night Elf is one of the earliest pets to catch, and the attack speed of 1.4 is not bad.
Description: It is very hot! I think it is because 1. The level is low, 2. The shape is not bad, 3. The attack speed is also OK. Hunter's initial selection of cat pets can be selected from Duskstalker, The Rake, and Humar the Pridelord.



Rating: 9 Rare
Health: 187
Damage: 27 - 38
Armor: 406
Skill: Rushing Charge increases the caster's movement speed by 60% for 3 sec and increases the damage of the first attack by 10 points.

Coordinates: <34,42> <39,45> <40,45> <42,41> <55,41>
Features: One of the road birds mentioned in the Horde mission, in addition to the special color, is the only active attack road bird in Thunderbluff.
Description: Pink ostrich, good, very suitable for girls, ostriches are only vegetarian, please bring enough food. Horde has a task that is its name, and it tells its story.


The Rake

Rating: 10 Rare
Health: 197
Damage: 29 - 42
Armor: 20

Coordinates: <48,16> <50,22> <48,18> <51,17> <54,20>
Features: Attack speed 1.2, the fastest attack pets.
Disadvantages: The defense has low blood volume and generally refreshes one in 3-6 hours.
Description: A good pet in the early days, because the Lion King Humar the Pridelord is difficult to catch, if you are too troublesome, you can choose it. The yellow lion is more common, although it is not as cool as Humar the Pridelord, but his attack speed is faster than Humar the Pridelord.



Rating: 10 Rare
Health: 198
Damage: 21 - 24
Armor: 512
Skills: Rabies reduces enemy's health regeneration by 50%, power by 1 and agility by 1 for 10 minutes.

Coordinate: <34,41>
Description: There are often wolf wolves around the glacial lake, and their head wolves, the raging winter wolf, are located on the lake island of the glacial lake. Every adventurer who runs through the glacial lake will carefully bypass. Many Hunters love the wildness of wolves. They risk their lives to tame the raging winter wolf and become loyal friends. It is surrounded by two wolves, a level 8 and a 9 level, 10 level players are not easy to start, but there is no way. First clean up the surrounding mobs, wait until the three of them go to the side, choose a kite, the simplest kite, shoot one before they leave the battle. Then kill the next one and finally catch it.


Mother Fang

Rating: 10 Rare
Health: 197
Damage: 21 - 24
Armor: 512
Skill: The Web keeps the target from moving for 5 seconds.

Coordinates: <62,48> <61,47> <62,47> <61,48> <61,49>
Description: The female spider and her children occupy the depths of the jade mine and feed on the Kobolds in the mine. The victims of the kobolds, which were covered in layers of spider silk, were dying and some were dead.


Death Flayer

Rating: 11 Rare
Health: 219
Damage: 76 - 90
Armor: 667
Skill: Venom Sting deals 10 Nature damage to the target and continues to deal 2 damage every 5 seconds for 45 seconds.

Coordinates: <38,50> <36,54> <37,51> <38,52> <36,51>
Features: The highest 1.6 attack speed in the scorpion, and the very cool shape. When you catch it, you have the claw-strike skill. The speed is average. It is a very good meat shield in the beginning.
Description: The scorpion defense is relatively high, with its own claw hitting level 2 scorpion venom level 1, mixed with red. The whole body is very beautiful with silver.



Rating: 12 Rare
Health: 247
Damage: 26 - 31
Armor: 573
1.Rend Flesh
Deals 1 damage every 3 seconds to the enemy in 12 seconds.
2.Ice Claw
Deals 4 damage to the target and increases the attack interval by 100% for 6s.

Coordinates: <55,58> <56,57> <62,59> <59,60> <58,60>
Description: It comes with 2 levels of claw hitting skills. It is said that its sitting posture is very cute. In the beginning, it and the claws are two good white bears!



Rating: 13 Rare
Health: 203
Injury: 84 - 99
Armor: 608
Skill: The damage done by the Curse of Weakness target is reduced by 5 for 2 minutes.

Coordinates: <40,39> <39,36> <39,35> <41,36> <39,37>
Features: Attack speed 1.5, will sneak.
Description: The black tiger looks very handsome. The attack speed is normal. When you catch it, remember that it will sneak. After catching it, the stealth skill disappears. Hunter can reach the 40th level to catch the pet with stealth skills.



Rating: 13 Rare
Health: 338
Injury: 84 - 99
Armor: 20

Coordinates: <89,45> <85,49> <89,48> <90,46> <90,47>
Features: The speed is OK, it looks pretty good.
Description: The black spotted black spider, the location of the capture is the Scarlet Monastary, there are not many people there, it should be better.



Rating: 13 Rare
Health: 271
Damage: 46 - 51
Armor: 608
Skills: Savannah Cubs summons 3 grassland cubs to fight for the caster for 4 minutes.

Coordinates: <50,17> <49,17> <49,15> <50,15> <49,27>
Features: Crossroads' only one spotted leopard, with an attack speed of 1.5 and a general nature.
Description: There are at least three locations for refreshing. Because it is located close to the road and is where the tasks are concentrated in Crossroads, it is usually killed. It’s really hard to catch it, I’ve seen it many times! There were a lot of them in the early cats, so put it in this group. It's easy to catch it, but it's not easy to kill it. When it has half of the blood, it will summon three low-level leopards. I killed it twice and nothing happened.
So the reason for choosing it is:
1. The shape is good
2. The level is very low
3. The speed is not slow.


Old Vicejaw

Rating: 14 Rare
Health: 374
Damage: 30 - 35
Armor: 642

Coordinates: <52,64> <55,61> <55,52> <53,53> <53,64>
Description: Brown bears, there are not many rare bears, and there are fewer good-looking points. If you want to bring bears, you can consider it.


Krethis Shadowspinner

Rating: 15 Rare
Health: 299
Mana value: 326
Damage: 30 - 35
Armor: 566
1.Shadow Shock
Use Shadow Magic to attack enemies and deal Shadow damage.
2.Shadow Shield
Protects the caster with Shadow Magic Energy for 30. Absorbs up to 200 physical or magical damage, dealing 10 damage to melee attackers.

Coordinates: <35,11> <36,15> <37,14> <36,14> <35,09>
Description: The black spotted black spider, the only thing that is special is that it shows Paladin when it is scratched. It is estimated to be a spell attack, but I have not seen it.


Lord Condar

Rating: 15 Rare
Health: 356
Damage: 36 - 41
Armor: 695

Coordinates: <61,78> <63,78> <75,68> <75,66> <77,66>
Description: There is hardly any fame, I have not done the task of the traveler's camp. It is estimated that it has nothing special.


Snort the Heckler

Rating: 17 Rare
Health: 341
Damage: 38 - 44
Armor: 748
1.Toxic Spit
Inflicts Nature damage to enemies.
2.Tendon Rip
Reduces the target's movement speed by 25% for 8s.

Coordinates: <42, 28> <42, 23> <41, 23> <40, 24> <41, 25>
Description: A hyena, very powerful, put a frozen trap when catching him, did not come over! It spits green things like a spider. It should be a spell attack that inflicts natural damage to people.


Takk the Leaper

Level: 19 Elite
Health: 1406
Damage: 171 - 203
Armor: 817

Coordinates: <59,08> <60,07> <59,09> <60,09> <61,14>
Description: There aren't many elite pets, but it's a blue dinosaur with a feather on his arms and legs. It's very interesting.


Shanda the Spinner

Rating: 19 Rare
Health: 1,333
Damage: 42 - 51
Armor: 1239

Coordinates: <79,52> <80,52> <79,51> <79,50> <78,52>
Description: Estimated to be a monster in the mission, with a bite level 3 skill, the shape is general.


Strider Clutchmother

Rating: 20 Rare
Health: 571
Damage: 47 - 54
Armor: 852
1.Dust Cloud
Reduces the nearby enemy's hit rate by 30% for 12s.
Let the enemy stun for 2 seconds and have a chance to disarm them.

Coordinates: <35,89> <38,92> <34,87> <38,93> <35,88>
Description: Green ostrich is also very beautiful. It is also one of the pets for girls. It usually has 2 mobs around it, you have to clean up the mobs and catch it!


Humar the Pridelord

Rating: 23 Elite
Health: 1,800
Injury: 105 - 112
Armor: 957
Skill: Agonizing Pain takes 1 damage from physical attacks for 15 seconds.

Coordinates: <62,34> <62,33> <61,33> <61,34> <62,32>
Features: Attack speed 1.3, black version of the raid, but the defense is higher than the raid.
Description: The only black lion, which was very cool at the beginning, was said to be a must-have for Hunter and refreshed every 12 hours. It is best to climb to the tree when capturing, and there will be other aggressive animals such as the prairie lion under the tree.


Azzere the Skyblade

Rating: 25 Rare
Health: 638
Mana value: 982
Damage: 53 - 60
Armor: 858

Coordinates: <43,63> <45,63> <45,65> <46,63> <45,62>
Features: The earliest rare wind snake will squirt lightning and can attack magic from a distance.
Description: A red wind snake, very beautiful. When you catch it, you will use fireball to attack you, killing 100+ at a time, next to Thunder Lizards and other wind snakes. It has a wide range of mobile patrols, capture the use of frozen traps, first determine its path, let it go into the trap itself.


Broken Tooth

Rating: 37 Rare
Health: 1,073
Damage: 32 - 36
Armor: 1,593
1.Wing Clip
Deals 25 damage to enemies and reduces their movement speed by 55% for 10s.
Make the target unable to move for 10 seconds.
Fires a fireball to attack the target, dealing 53 to 74 Fire damage and dealing an additional 6 damage in 6s.

Coordinates: <43,37> <44,37> <47,39> <54,17> <45,37>
Features: Attack speed 1.0, is the fastest attacking pet in all Hunter pets, Mage's nightmare.
Description: This coat of color is perhaps not too eye-catching ridge leopard, lonely in the dusty ridiculous land. With a slim and strong posture, and the unique ultra-fast attack speed of the cat family, it has become one of the best friends of the Hunter who traveled in the Azeroth forest and in the wild. This beautiful animal, once followed by the owner to the battlefield, will become a fierce and cruel bloody weapon, especially in the hands of the beastmaster Hunter. Once the legal profession is attacked by it, all kinds of reading skills will be delayed. Of course, it is not easy to get it. I will not say it for a few days and nights, but also tame it under the competition of other Hunter.


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