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Which is the Most Popular Ascendancies across PS4, Xbox, PC Synthesis leagues

PoE Synthesis will end, and PoE 3.7 will come. Poe has a lot of interesting statistics, such as the price of a currency, which Gems Skill uses more. Today u4n Poe currency team will share Which is the Most Popular Ascendancies across PS4, Xbox, PC Synthesis leagues.

1. PS4 Synthesis
Synthesis SC Leagues 70+
Elementalist: 18.828%
Necromancer: 12.114%
Trickster: 10.118%
Juggernaut: 8.610%
Deadeye: 6.652%
It really is interesting how drastically distinct the meta on Playstation is for Synthesis. In PS4 Elementalist is the Most Popular Ascendancy, 18.8% Players choose this Ascendancy to play.

PS4 Flashback Leagues All Levels
Witch: 24.601%
Shadow: 16.155%
Ranger: 12.666%
Marauder: 11.576%
Templar: 9.588%
The Flashback leagues are a bit closer to what we would count on to see, although just like the Pc Flashback stats, it is still pretty early days. For stronger proof with the difference expertise and community exposure could make.

2. Xbox Synthesis
Xbox Synthesis Leagues 70+
Elementalist: 14.863%
Trickster: 13.938%
Occultist: 12.596%
Inquisitor: 8.403%
Necromancer: 6.861%
Though not specifically the same because the Pc Synthesis stats, the Xbox Synthesis stats are a lot closer than the PS4 Synthesis stats. Berserker, one example is, once extra takes its crown as the least well-known Ascendancy pick.

Xbox Flashback All Levels
Witch: 22.141%
Shadow: 14.869%
Marauder: 10.498%
Ranger: 10.417%
Templar: 8.742%
Like all Flashback stats, it is still also early to draw considerable conclusions from the Xbox Flashback stats, suffice to say the pattern adheres very closely for the PS4 stats. Though substantially with the PS4 audience is new to PoE, not all of it's, and those playing Flashback are likely much more knowledgeable, major to stats related to these from the experienced Xbox players.

3. Computer Synthesis
Synthesis SC Leagues 90+
Trickster: 21.604%
Occultist: 19.307%
Elementalist: 14.462%
Juggernaut: 7.735%
Inquisitor: 6.236%
As soon as the cutoff is raised to level 90, we begin seeing some fascinating modifications. At this lofty level, the Inquisitor drops behind the Juggernaut, along with the gap dividing the major 3 builds from the rest grows even wider. This distinction among classes at 70 and classes at 90 is often a good indicator of class functionality, rather than simply recognition. But points get much more exciting when we look especially at the high-level characters in Hardcore leagues.

Synthesis Hardcore Leagues 90+
Trickster: 25.918%
Occultist: 22.552%
Juggernaut: 12.209%
Elementalist: 7.612%
Inquisitor: 5.194%
It likely comes as no surprise to view spell-focused classes take the top spots. Besides the rebalance that spells underwent, we also introduced a handful of new spell skills in patch 3.6.0 -- in certain some very suited towards the Trickster and Occultist. It really is intriguing to note that even in this league, the Juggernaut is still reasonably preferred, most likely due to the broad and flexible nature of its mainly defensively-oriented passives.

Synthesis SSF Leagues 90+
Trickster: 30.527%
Occultist: 25.687%
Elementalist: 12.557%
Inquisitor: 7.073%
Juggernaut: 4.582%
Looking at leagues exactly where trade is not a choice is another valuable strategy to assess the relative innate power of both skills and classes, and in Synthesis, the Trickster absolutely reigns supreme. Almost a third of all characters in SSF leagues are Tricksters, and more than half are either Tricksters or Occultists.
Now let's look in the class breakdown inside the Flashback leagues. These stats were collected at Midnight NZT, Sunday the 12th, meaning the wonderful majority of players had not however reached maps or, as you will see, even selected an Ascendancy.

Flashback Synthesis All Levels
Witch: 19.989%
Shadow: 14.076%
Templar: 9.877%
Ranger: 7.905%
Trickster: 6.887%
Probably the most exciting point to view here would be the prominence of Witch over Shadow. In spite of Trickster being so dominant, players (thankfully) nevertheless want to play issues that aren't Trickster, and between the Occultist and Necromancer's strong defensive solutions plus the Elementalist's offensive solutions, the Witch nonetheless presents lots of power in its 3 Ascendancies. Early stats like these are very good indicators of player preference and class perception.