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Best Borderlands 3 Weapons - Fires hamburgers Gettleburger

Borderlands 3 Gettleburger is a rocket launcher that fires hamburgers. And they do not precisely "fire" either, and they fall out with enthusiasm. Poot. Tumble. Now there's a burger in pieces, around the floor. Borderlands is back, baby. Sidenote: the burgers are produced from irradiated bugs. As a reward for finishing a quest that calls for you to kill a mercenary wearing a crown who wishes to contend your ownership of a burger delivery bot, it is an apt reward. The Burger King reference was dumb, the award was speechless, and so was we for expecting something a lot more. Like the gun in Borderlands two that wouldn’t shut the hell up, we can dig Gearbox producing some throwaway Borderlands 3 weapons just for laughs.