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Lost Ark: Ghostships Guide (Spawn, Rewards, etc.)

Content aimed at players who have reached a gear level above 460, ghost ships appear, in the middle of the seas, and allow them to collect attractive Lost Ark rewards.

The ghost ships are three in number and are accessible from item levels 460, 960, and 1370. The rewards are upgrade materials, engraving recipes, and money. The spawns of these ghost ships are all located west of the world map.

Ghost ships are generally not a priority for players, although the rewards are exciting. It must be said that this type of content does not appear every day and is only possible once a week.



Ghost Ships, what is it?

Ghost Ships are events that spawn ships in the sea at three different locations. Each of these boats is accessible from a required level of equipment:

  • The nightmare: Equipment level 460. The latter is located off Bern-Sud
  • The shadow: Equipment level 960, the latter is situated off Felton
  • The Storm: Equipment level 1,370. The last is located off Punika

To take part in a Ghost Ship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the questline that takes you to Rohendel
  • Complete quests: A new journey
  • Have the required level of equipment (460, 960, or 1370)
  • Upgrade your boat to level 2

Once on board a ghost ship, you will have to eliminate the crew of the latter with the help of the players who took part in the event. Crew waves will be more and more complicated, primarily through the appearance of mini-bosses.

We advise you to look for a group before participating in the fight. Indeed, joining a group will allow you to take advantage of your allies' buffs, shields, and healing, which will prevent you from consuming too many Phoenix feathers.

When the waves are pushed back, a boss will appear and represent a much more complex challenge (nothing impossible, don't worry). You'll need to dodge attacks, as some mechanics can one-shot you. The defeated boss, you collect your rewards and can leave the ship.

Tips: You can only complete one Ghost Ship per week per server, so you cannot complete this content on multiple characters on the same server.



When do Ghost Ships appear?

The spawn frequency of Ghost Ships does not follow the same rules as other content. However, these appear at exact times (1:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m., for example).

There may be no appearances for an entire day, making it challenging to schedule this content. It is best to inquire via the Procyon Compass.



What rewards do the Ghost Ships offer?

The Ghost Ships are classified into three different tiers and therefore offer rewards usable for improving the equipment of the tier in question:


Equipment Level – Tier Awards
460 – Tier 1 Destruction
Stone Fragments Guardian Stone
Fragments Harmony Fragments

Star Breaths
Engraving Recipes(rareunusual)
Akkan Map (legendary)
960 – Tier 2 Destruction
Stones Guardian Stones
Fragments of Life Moon BreathsEngraving Recipes

Akkan Map (legendary)
1,370 – Tier 3 Destruction Stone
Crystals Guardian Stone Crystals
Fragments of HonorSun's Grace SunProtection SunBlessing<>Engraving Recipes<>(

Akkan Map (legendary)


Tips: The Ghost Ships are primarily used to collect materials that will help you increase your chances of improving your equipment.



Reclaim the Ship: Eibern's Plague

By taking part in a task of Una:  The dark fog of the night 12 times, you will be able to recover the blueprint of the Flying Dutchman: The plague of Eiben. To do this, you will need to defeat the ghost ship bosses 12 times.

The quest is obtainable from Una's task book and starts in Rothun, in the Rohendel region, with the NPC named Radith.

This plan will allow you to launch a quest:  Ghost Ship: Eibern's Plague. The reward for the latter is none other than the ship itself!