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The Fallout 76 update, Test Your Metal, will be available on Tuesday, June 14

The Fallout 76 update, Test Your Metal, will be available on Tuesday, June 14. It will include three new public events, a new season, and more, such as corpse highlighting! When your opponent falls into tall grass or is thrown into a nearby pile of rubble, pulsating bile will highlight their body and make sure you don't miss the loot you've earned.


As for the mentioned public events:
The Brotherhood of Steel discovered that the Rusty Eagles were building an army of deadly robots that could soon threaten the entire Appalachian Empire. Team up with the Gladiators of Steel and find out what these robots are worth by competing against them in three fierce rounds of combat in the Metal Dome in the Wild Outlands. Defeat your opponents and keep the gladiators alive, and you might be able to walk away with rare rewards such as blueprints for crafting a new workman armor.

Besides, Ned Moonshine will be happy to brew a new batch of the Sunday brothers' famous fabulous mud moonshine. However, it lacks a key ingredient: the acid gulp venom. Head over to the Sunday brothers' hut in the Mire and help Ned organize the annual moonshine revel that will attract hordes of curious goblets to the area.

The settlers in Opoka began to expand their territory, establishing a new settlement in a nearby crater after the explosion. They even put up a radiation suppressor to remove radiation from the area and make it safer for future residents. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until the super mutants interrupted the work and expelled the settlers from the crater. Now it's up to you to explore the construction site in the Wild Outlands and get rid of the new inhabitants from the new settlement.

Fallout 76 Season 9 will begin on the day the update is released. Earn SCORE Points and Fallout 76 caps to advance on the new Heart of Steel: A Story from the Isle of Dread game board. Along the way, you will learn about the children of the Franklin family and their stormtrooper bodyguard as they struggle to survive after crashing into a perilous island.