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Fallout 76 Battle Royale Guide: Tips About How To Win In Nuclear Winter Mode

  Most Fallout 76 players know that Battle Royale just will not stop — the multiplayer mode that became more popular thanks to PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite: Battle Royale now has already arrived in Fallout 76 game, and it is a quite different online experience.


   Instead of playing solo, you will work with some other gamers to hunt down other players (As known as enemies), with up to 50+ players shooting it out on a single map. You will begin with nothing. But in order to survive, you will have to collect your resources and meanwhile dodging monsters, exploring all abandoned buildings, and blasting enemy players until you become the last survivor standing in this game.

  It is an amazing new mode that weirdly fits perfectly into this hardcore-lite survival mechanics of Fallout 76 game. If you want to keep yourself alive (and maybe even win!) then you'd better check out our top 10 tips. Some of these tips are apparent for long-time BR players, and some are completely unique to this weird game.

  Now here are our top 10 tips, let's do this, shall we?

  First Of All: Concentrate On Ranged Weapon And Armor Builds

  If you want to survive in Fallout 76 game, powerful guns and strong armor are what you need. Melee characters are basically screwed in Nuclear Winter — when you are facing off against an entire team of gun-wielding maniacs, a club just is not going to cut it. Get the best possible guns as you can, and then always searching for improved armor. Even with heavy gear, a torrent of enemy bullets can rip you apart quickly — so always work together, and then move from cover to cover.

  Secondly: Managing Your Inventory Is Extremely Important

  In the game of Fallout 76, survival is all about inventory management. Usually, by default, you will only have 75 carry weight — and you can increase that to 100 carry weight by using the starting Strength perk card. Just as we stressed, managing your inventory is very important, so for some useless weapons, you need to dump them, and do not bother to loot everything you find in this wasteland.

  Stimpaks and ammo also almost weigh nothing, so you can loot as you want. Ditch heavy weapons like rocket launchers and miniguns when you can powerful weapons with more plentiful ammo. In Fallout 76 game, one of the best tools so far is the Hunting Rifle, and you will want to keep at least one melee weapon on hand. And for the reason, we will explain this later.

  Thirdly: Kill NPCs To Get Stimpaks, Ammo And More Loot

  NPCs like feral ghouls and some other random terrible monsters all drop some useful loot. More importantly, they will have ammo,stimpaks, and some other stuff like lockpicks. Stock up on healing, ammo, and whatever else you can get your hands on, but remember, do not use guns, use Fallout 76 melee weapons to kill monsters! By doing that way, you will save ammo and you will not alert nearby opponents with your gunshots.

  Fourth: Do Not Loot Everything — Leave Ammo For Your Team

  In this game, ammo does not weigh anything, so that means you can grab all the ammo you want, right? The answer is WRONG! Leave some ammo behind when you are looting. If you are taking all the ammo and all the weapons, that means you are leaving your team behind. The best way is to communicate and share resources so everyone is prepared for an encounter against other players. The more appropriate ammo everyone has, the better.

  Another handy strategy is to collect everything, and then stop at safe areas like a camp and drop any Fallout 76 ammo that you do not need anymore. Be sure to alert your teammate to the ammo drop! You can do the same for Stimpak, if you have got plenty of items, keep in mind that let your team have a few.

  Fifth: Pre-Build Blueprint For A Base On The Fly

  In this game, blueprints are special setups you can save for your CAMP. In order to make life much easier, you can pre-build these blueprints in any mode, and then take your blueprint into Nuclear Winter. You can set up your CAMP very conveniently, with all the crafting stations and turrets you need to stay safe, and then plop it down in Nuclear Winter mode. This is pretty useful, and also a tactic suggested by the Fallout 76 developers.

  Sixth: Stick With Your Team And Then Take Out One Opponent At A Time

  Learn to use teamwork is extremely important. Please keep in mind that do not split your team, and do not try to take on an entire team all by yourself. Everyone in Fallout 76 moves really, really slow, and that is hardly an action game — you can sort of jump, and in general, movement is pretty sluggish. If you are caught in the open, or just go and chase an enemy team, you will get shot down very quickly. To stay with your friends, that would be very important and call out targets — try to pick them off one-by-one.

  Seventh: Fallout 76 Power Armor Is Pretty Rare And It Is Not Always Worth Getting

  Power Armor in Fallout 76 randomly spawns on the map, so there is no guarantee that you will find it. Though it is quite tough, it is not all-powerful. Sniper Rifles and some other weapons with high damage can still rip Power Armor to shreds, and the extra slow movement speed and giant profile make this thing a walking coffin. Power Armor is not a win button, so if you see it, make sure do not feel bad about ditching it.

  Right now, even though the best Fallout 76 Power Armor is also bugged. If you have equipped, you will bug out when attempting to revive a downed player. Of course, that's just a word of warning.

  Eighth: Equip Perks For Extra Carry Weight, Extra Health, Sprint Speed, And +Damage

  At the very beginning, the best early perks you will want to get is the extra health, +25 carry weight, extra damage against wildlife, and a boost to sprint speed. Actually, Marathoner is one of the best unsung perks cause it costs -40% less AP to sprint, which means you can sprint for almost twice as long. Usually, you can only sprint for about five seconds, therefore this is a godsend.

  Ninth: You Will Want One Player With Hacking And Lockpicking On Your Team

  In this game, lockpicking is totally situational, offering you access to areas with much better loot and alternate paths to ambush enemy teams. Lockpicking is an excellent skill to have, but only one gamer really needs it. To some extent, hacking is a different beast — a successful hack provides you access to several reward options.

  *1. Show All Players On The Map For ONE Minute
  *2. Request A Stimpak
  *3. Request A Weapon Or Nuke Keycard

  Yes, you can get nukes in Nuclear Winter. You can also reveal all the enemy players on the map, making it easier to find them before they find you. Hacking is a power that everyone can use and abuse, so I recommend adding those cards to your deck.

  Certainly, you can get nukes in Nuclear Winter. At the same time, you can also reveal all the enemy players on the map, making it much easier to find them before they find you. Hacking is a power that everyone can use and abuse, so that's why I recommend adding those cards to your deck.

  Last But Not Least: Communication Is Key And There Is No Pinging

  If I have not said it enough, here I repeat this again, communication and teamwork are incredibly important in Nuclear Winter. You can not survive all by yourself in this game, it's just impossible. The only way to win is just to work with your team, spread out resources so everyone is ready for a fight, and then pick apart enemy teams one-by-one. You just can not 'PING' or mark your targets like in other Battle Royales, so if a teammate runs off on their own, then they are as good as dead.

  All in all, if you want to stay alive in Nuclear Winter mode, you should keep in mind that stick together, loot wisely and aim well. Pretty easy with those instructions we provided above, right?