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Fallout 76 Assault Rifle Location And More Informtion You Should Know About

  In Fallout 76 game, there has more stuff trying to kill you than ever before, with some other humans being other players that are more likely to shoot first. Therefore, having some good weapons to keep yourself safe in this wasteland are urgently needed. And among all of Fallout 76 unique weapons, we have a recommended weapon named Fallout 76 assault rifle. And if you want to know more information about this powerful weapon, just keep on reading:


  Here is the general introduction of this one-of-a-kind assault rifle. It is one of the non-automatic weapons in Fallout 76 game, meanwhile, this weapon is also a water-cooled, gas operated rifle; featuring a side-mounted magazine, and for the ammo, firing 5.56mm rounds, also, it has anti-aircraft gun style sights, a telescoping wooden stock and charging handle as standard. All in all, from its looks, this assault rifle is a peculiar, antiquated design, what's more, the assault rifle has much more in common with pre-war machine guns than rifles. Therefore, considering all elements, the "assault rifle" seems to simply be a repurposed surplus light machine gun, rather than an assault rifle.

  Furthermore, if you want to improve this weapon and makes it more powerful, then you will need the Gunsmith Perk to help you get what you want to be. And if you want to get this weapon, you will reach at least level 30, that's the minimum level requirement. And for this weapon's crafting requirement, you must also reach level 30. Cause if you can not get to that level, then you will not be able to craft this unique Fallout 76 assault weapon.

  Speaking of crafting this weapon, now here are some components that you might need while you are crafting (Listed In Alphabetical Order):

  Components: Adhesive 8
                        Gear 3
                        Oil 1
                        Screw 18
                        Spring 5
                        Steel 19

  Once you craft this weapon successfully, you can see the full Fallout 76 Assault Rifle stats below (Listed In Alphabetical Order):

  Accuracy: 71
  Ammunition: 5.56mm Round

                 Level 30: Damage:26
  Damage:Level 40: Damage:30
                 Level 50: Damage:33

                 Fire Rate: 40
                 Range: 120
                 Value: 110 bottle caps earned in Fallout 76
                 Weight: 11.2

  Since you have found the components of Assault Rifle, the next step is to use them to craft a complete rifle, you can carry them to any Fallout 76 weapons workbench to finish crafting this item with the Assault Rifle plan you might get from these quests (cause the Plan of Assault Rifle usually appears in a random way). You might get this Assault Rifle Plan randomly after completing those quests: One of Us, Event: Heart of the Swamp, Event: Always Vigilant, Event: Irrational Fear, Event: It's a Trap, Daily: Queen of the Hunt, Daily: Idle Explosives, Daily: Waste Not, Daily: Play Time. One more word, if you want to have a higher possibility of getting this plan, then you should complete those quests in The Mire and the Cranberry Bog.

  And that is all you need to know about how to get Assault Rifle in Fallout 76 game. if you want to know more information about Fallout 76 like reviews, updates, feedback, and news. Click Here, and I am sure you will be satisfied with what you are about to get.

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