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Lost Ark Valtan, Destroyer, South Bern in big May 2022 update

Lost Ark has introduced one of the most significant patches in its history on the occasion of the big May 2022 update. The MMORPG was created by Smilegate and distributed in the West by Amazon Games, thus introducing a new version called Predestined Destruction. As usual, the changes have come after excellent maintenance, and through a download available on Steam that, to gauge its size, we can tell you that it occupies just over 28 GB.

Below, we will review all the changes through a summary, although you will be able to find them explained in depth throughout the article.
New Advanced Class: Destroyer
New Horde Raid: Valtan
New Guardian Raid: Deskaluda
New game mode: Challenge Guardians
New Guild Activities: Island Sieges and Raid Parties
New content in South Bern: Dungeons, Camp Boss, Ghost Ship, and Difficulties.
New Island: Wildwing
New clothing store for a limited time.
New skins: Will of Destroyer, Armor of the Dawn (all classes), and fortress customization.
Quality of life adjustments and bug fixes.

The destroyer arrives
For players waiting for the arrival of a new class to create a secondary character, the appearance of the Destroyer will be the big news of the May update. This new character is part of the Warrior archetype and offers many hard-hitting hits and high DPS. The only drawback is that the attack speed is relatively slow, and he can be a bit tricky to play for the first few hours. Below, you can find a detailed guide in which we review his abilities and the best builds for him.

Valtan stars in the first Horde Raid
Horde Raids are coming to the western version of Lost Ark, thanks to Valtan. These raids are particularly tricky and promise to test everything we've learned about the game so far. In addition, they will also be particularly long, so there will be different checkpoints to save progress. The best news is that since the game already exists in other regions, we can at least learn how to deal with it before going into combat.

Valtan's challenge will have to be overcome by eight people divided into two teams and has very high participation requirements. Players will need an item level of 1415 for normal difficulty and 1445 to even meet the challenge on hard mode. Of course, the rewards will be according to the requirements and the challenge proposed by the new boss.

The new activities in the May patch
The main dishes are not over yet. In addition to Valtan, there is more news about modes and gameplay.

Deskaluda Guardian Assault: This new guardian will be available to all players who have reached item level 1415.
Challenge Guardians: Each week, there will be three Challenge Guardians. Each of these will have its level of items required to access them, and not all of them will be available simultaneously. Once we accept the challenge, our items level will be adjusted to that of the enemy to provide us with an epic battle and a more significant challenge that implies more loot.

Guilds will have new features from now on—both in PvE and PvP.
Island Siege: These are PvP activities that allow you to fight between guilds. We must capture objectives and eliminate enemies to get rewards.
Raid Matches: We break into a base with our guild and challenge Sylmael's devourer in this activity. The faster we do it, the higher we will rise in the rankings.

Wildwing Island
Not everything was going to be serious, and we will also have new content that is much more light-hearted. It is Wildwing Island. This location is part of the event available throughout the month. In it, we will transform into chickens or beer to face the king of poultry resistance, the chief chicken king. We can do it accompanied or alone, having to defeat waves to earn event Lost Ark Gold. The island will be available every hour on the hour.

South Bern
We added three new dungeon levels that require completing the Invading Wave of Chaos quest to participate. We'll need 1415, 1445, and 1475 item levels for each phase.
Added South Bern Chaos Gate and corresponding secret dungeons. We will need an item level of 1415
Added the Ghost Ship. We will need an item level of 1415
Added Hard mode to the chaos line. We will need an item level of 1415
Added the Wings of Thunder field boss, with a recommended item level of 1460.